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Track everything in and out of your warehouse from inbound, storage, pick, pack and outbound. Streamline and automate based on your pre-defined rules.



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Growth powered by our Smart Technology 

At Linker Cloud, we've laid the foundation with our cutting-edge Smart Technology and provided the building blocks for you to craft or optimise your own order fulfillment processes.


Increase Operations Efficiency 

Together with our Order Management Stystem(OMS) and Warehouse Managemnet System(WMS), the fulfilment flow is automatically synced up across marketplaces, warehouses and couriers. The platform automatically assign the order to the right warehouse for picking, packing and delivery based on the rules you set, including stock level, cost and speed. 

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Made for Warehouse Staff

Our Mobile Barcode App helps warehouse staff reduce the errors and boost productivity, by aliging the inventory location with different picking methods. They can manage inbound and outbound delivery, stock putaway, transfer, picking(bulk batch picking, multi-tote to single tote) and packing using barcode with complete accuracy. Everything is streamlined to ensure fast delivery for your customers. 


Returned Goods Moved On

Our Return Management module and Packing Station solution provides video recordings of packing and return process using standard CCTV cameras, which helps you make a decision and process returned goods quickly. Returned items can be re-sold sooner and your financial impact is minimised. 


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Expand your business reach

We simplify inventory scaling by providing a platform that allows you to manage goods with no code.
Linker Cloud optimise your after-sale and logistics flow with specialised modules of the platform:


Orders from all ecommerce sites in one place with over 100+ integrations available, powered by Linker OMS.


Group order, batch picking, create and print shiping labels from 50+ couriers, together with our WMS product.


Track all the items packed and shipped by full audit log and photo and video documentation. Process returns with speed and confidence.


Register ASN and manage stock in with our Mobile App to ensure accurate delivery information flow with suppliers.


Be one step ahead of the competition

With the best-in-class solution with full visibility and transparency of the processes, you will master your post-sale operations. See your warehouse and stocks as if you were there.

Linker Cloud enables inventory control, optimization of warehouse paths, reporting in preview mode, and document download. Other advantages include the largest number of integrations with courier carriers, which results in extensive coverage for us as a logistics operator.

Thanks to Linker Cloud, we hardly experience errors during packing stages now. Also, tracking inbound and outbound orders as well as stocks now happens a lot faster and easier.


With Linker Cloud, we handle ecommerce orders on behalf of our customers more quickly and efficiently. Linker's integration with our WMS gives us full control over warehouse and logistics processes, and our staff now work more efficiently.


Ready to start selling smarter?

Find out more about our all-in-one platform and learn more about Linker's OMS, WMS and IMS products can scale your business easily.