Frequently Asked Questions

Better to ask the way than to go astray, right? That's why we've collected your most frequently asked questions in one place and answered them. Go ahead and check out how we can help you!.

FAQ: customers


How will I know when my stocks are getting low?

Our system allows you to have a full view of the stock level in every facility you have. You can set up a minimal volume in every warehouse to avoid getting out of stock.

Who is in charge of stock control?

Cooperation with us gives you the benefit of using our software to have knowledge of every order we process and to control stocks in every fulfillment center. Thanks to this option you can control volume and send products when stocks are getting low.

Can you provide services for B2B or D2C only?

We focus on D2C, but we arealsoready to manage B2B services.

Can I choose a particular warehouse?

Our fulfillment network offers access to almost 40 warehouses in many European countries. While discussing your needs and requirements we choose the best location taking into consideration many key factors. 

However, if you have a particular need regarding location we will create an offer based on your demands. 

Can I choose a delivery company?

During our meeting, we gather all the details and your needs, so if you prefer a particular delivery company, we take that into consideration. If this specific courier is available in the facility we offer, we will of course provide it according to your preferences.

What happens if you pack and send an incorrect item to my customer?

Situations like this don’t happen often but if they do, first we must receive information from the customers to pick up the incorrect packed order and send a new one. 

We always verify at which stage of processing the order mistake happened and what caused the mistake to make sure it won't occur in the future.

Can I store my goods in only 1 warehouse?

Of course. You can decide whether you want to store products in 1 warehouse or use our network to offer faster and cheaper shipping.

Are there minimum monthly fees?

Yes, we have a minimum fee of €500/month. Every month we charge for storage, inbound, and pick & pack processes, as well as value-added services. If the cost of all operations does not exceed €500 within this period, you will be automatically charged this amount. However, when the costs are higher, you only pay for the operations made and nothing more.

What is the difference between you and FBA?

Cooperation with us means you can choose in which facility you want to process your goods while you don’t pay anything for integration. You can choose value-added services and have the same operational flow in different centres. 

What is also important is you can diversify sales and add many different sales channels, and all this is connected by 1 software to control the whole process. What is more, we can also deliver goods to FBA or process orders from Amazon.

How do you choose a courier for every package/order?

Usually, after analyzing products, our experience with couriers, prices and the quality of services offered, we can select the right courier for a particular customer. 

Of course, clients may have their own preferences regarding a specific carrier, and this is what we also take into consideration while choosing the best delivery service. 

Do you require barcodes on every product?

Yes. Barcodes are essential for correct picking and packing your orders.

Can I add new warehouses during cooperation?

Yes. If you decide to choose an additional location while we cooperate, we will be happy to assist and provide you with an appropriate offer.

Can I add a new sales channel during cooperation?

Yes. Our system allows you to add new sales channels, which will help you grow and expand in new markets. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for new sales sources.

Can I switch warehouses during cooperation?

Definitely yes. We can also support you in choosing the best warehouse that fits your current sales needs. 

Where are your fulfillment centres located?

We still develop and add new fulfillment centres all the time. At this moment we have facilities located in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania.

Should I expect any seasonal extra fees?

Definitely not. We don’t charge any seasonal fees. 

How can I benefit from your solution? Can you provide me with a demo version?

Once your store or marketplace is integrated with our system you gain full control of stock levels in the warehouse, you have a live view of every order or return processed in the warehouse, and you can create inbound notifications to your fulfillment center.   
The functionalities of our system are growing fast as we are constantly developing its scope and capabilities.  

If you would like to see the full potential of our solution, find out more about how our software works, and how it can support your sales we will be happy to present it to you during an online meeting.

Can I add something to my orders?

Of course, you have that option. If you would like to add a brochure, a gift or a return form we can attach it to the package on your request. 

How do you proceed if the order is lost or damaged?

Unfortunately, that kind of situation may happen sometimes. In that case, we always follow a complaint procedure to verify at which stage of the process the damage occurred.   

The procedure varies depending on the courier and the speed of obtaining documentation from the customer. 

Do I have to sign the contract for a specific period of time? Is the contract signed for an indefinite period?

You don’t have to sign a contract for a specific period. We can start cooperation without an expiration date. If you’d like to resign from the service, a 3-month notice period applies.

Can you integrate your solution with my system?

Our system has a built-in integration layer, and we provide integrations with many popular marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. However, if you have customised software, like an ERP system, we have an open API which enables effective integration as well. You can count on our full support in this process.

Do you handle returns?


Returns and complaints are an inherent part of the order fulfillment process, therefore we offer a complex solution for these actions. Our local warehouses are adapted to handle your returns faster, which means higher customer satisfaction and more time for you to consider claims. 

If you want to know more about return process handling, we encourage you to read the posts below: 

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In which currency do you prepare your offer?

All our offers are prepared in Euro.

Can I pay in a currency other than Euro?

All financial settlements are in Euro, and we issue invoices only in this currency.

Do you offer eco-fillers?

Generally Yes. 

We are aware of how important eco-solutions are and we are able to provide eco-fillers and other sustainable materials. 

We collaborate with operators that are responsible for the environment and offer eco-friendly options. Moreover, we can advise on how to design the right eco-packaging strategy. 

Please note, however, that not all operators provide this kind of service - to confirm the feasibility of using eco-fillers for your business, please contact us to discuss your particular case. 
Psst... if you want to know more about how we take care of green logistics, please read the following posts: 

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Are the products on the stock insured?


Each of our facilities has its own insurance. Depending on the warehouse, the insurance is billed for products - product value, or per ton. Based on client requirements we are able to manage insurance for every aspect of the process (stocking, shipment, etc.). One of our Polish warehouses is insured for the amount of 10m PLN, however, we always recommend customers have their own insurance policy. 

Do you take care of product shipment from my company to your warehouse?

Unfortunately no - this is actually the only step you have to organize yourself. 

Do you help with customs (regarding to Brexit)?

No, we don’t take care of this, but we have a partner who can help you with that. Write to us and we will be happy to tell you how such cooperation works. 

Do you offer inserting?


If you would like to add some extra documents, return forms, or vouchers to packages, we can offer such a service. 

Please consider that this process will require some additional time to prepare everything: the rules, the materials, and sending them to us. 

Is it possible to add custom stickers on the boxes?


Many brands need customized solutions and one of them is branded stickers on boxes - we can do this for you. It’s a great alternative for customized boxes. 

See also: 

Is it possible to use our own/customized packaging items? 

Is it possible to use our own/customized packaging items?


If you have your own customized boxes which you would like to use to send orders to your customers, we can arrange it - usually, it may require additional charges, and not every logistic operator offers such a service. 

You can also use your customized foil on boxes if needed. 

To which countries are you able to arrange delivery?

As for now, we are able to deliver your parcels to all European countries and to the United Kingdom. 

What does the offer look like? For what processes do I have to pay?

The offer is quite varied and depends directly on your individual needs. The main processes needed to be paid are inbound, storage, and pick & pack; we also give prices for distribution fees. 

For a more detailed offer, we encourage you to contact us directly.

What is your preferred language for communication?

As for now, we speak just in English and Polish.

What functionalities does your system have?

Our system has all the functionalities necessary to control eCommerce logistics operations - we offer services such as: 

  • inbound/outbound notifications creating 
  • products adding 
  • orders tracking 
  • returns operating 
  • stock levels control 
  • printable documents adding/creating. 

To find out more we encourage you to read our Tech Overview series: 

Tech Overview #1: learn about new features implemented in Q1 

Which courier companies do you use?

Depending on the country you are shipping to, we use many different courier companies: 

  • Poland: UPS, DPD, GLS, Postnord, InPost, DHL, Świat Przesyłek 
  • France: DPD, Colissimo, Colis Prive 
  • Spain: GLS 
  • UK: Yodel, Royal Mail, Hermes, Ukmail, DHL, KBTS 
  • Belgium: UPS, DPD, GLS, DHL, BPost, PostNL, Relay, Dynalogic 
  • Switzerland: UPS, DPD, GLS, DHL 
  • Italy: DPD, Nextiva 
  • Germany: DPD, DHL 
  • Romania: DPD 
  • Hungary: Magyar Posta 
  • Czech Republic: Packeta, PPL
  • Slovakia: DPD, GLS, 123kurier, SPS, Packeta, CzPost, PPL

How long does it take from signing the contract to the operational start?

It should not exceed 2 weeks. 

As long as you have standard sales channels known to us, the time from signing the contract to launching the operational process should not be longer than that. At the moment, we offer over 100 integrations with external systems. If you are not sure if your sales channel is already served by us, contact us. 

What is the cut-off time?

The cut-off time depends on the warehouse which you will choose. Usually, the cut-off time is around 12:00 pm CET. 

Can you notify my customers regarding the shipping process?

Certainly, we can send an e-mail to your customers notifying them about the current order status.

How much does the implementation and integration cost?

You don’t pay anything for integration with your sales channel. There are no hidden costs, and we can provide it free of charge as our company created advanced software to handle the IT part. 

We have numerous ready-to-use integrations with various sales channels - there is no need to engage IT resources or spend weeks on set-up. 

FAQ: partnership

Tell The Reader More

What is Linker Cloud Fulfillment Network and what does the partnership with you look like?

Linker Cloud is a dynamically expanding network connecting 3PL fulfillment partners and eCommerce merchants. We are a hub connecting sellers with local suppliers of fulfillment services. Customers seeking to sell their goods on multiple European markets turn to Linker for:  

  • easy access to a specific market; 
  • savings of time and resources in searching for a fulfillment supplier; 
  • fast dispatch from local warehouses; 
  • one agreement and one contact point, even when relating to many fulfillment sites across the world. 

Therefore, Linker can provide you with a wide and growing stream of customers. With Business Development Team we are always on the lookout for new opportunities. This way growing our business is directly connected with growing yours.   

What's important - we are also a single point of contact for you! Instead of dealing with dozens of individuals across all client departments, you contact Linker only. Thanks to our internal Customer Success Team, we filter out the trivia questions.  

All the connections, settlements, and invoicing are made with Linker. A single agreement, standardized format for orders and processes, and a single API connection made by us cut a lot of costs on your side.  

In practice with no investment, you are widening the stream of customers whom you can work with you. 

What are the responsibilities of Linker Cloud fulfillment partner?

Within the business model, we have adopted, the fulfillment partner is responsible for the entire process of order handling and deliveries to the end customer. 

This includes warehousing, order preparation, dispatching, delivery, and re-stocking items from not delivered parcels.  

Ask for a sample draft of the Agreement for a more detailed overview by emailing Kamil Odolczyk, our Fulfillment Network Manager: 

What are the steps to join the Linker Cloud Fulfillment Network?

There are just a few simple steps you need to follow to become one of our partners: 

  1. Fill in a brief submission form with basic data about your service: 
    Submission to Linker Fulfillment Network  
  1. Fill in your proposal for pricing of the Standard Service Model. 
  1. Look through and fill in the details of the agreement draft. 
  1. Send completed files to Kamil Odolczyk, our Fulfillment Network Manager: 
  1. We will reach out to you with more details as soon as possible! 

Do you require to use Linker’s OMS/WMS?

There is no need for this. You can still use your own WMS and/or OMS systems software. 

Our IT Department will create an API connection with existing software and this process is entirely on our side. However, if you’re interested in our OMS system solution also, we can provide that too.  
If you want to know more,, read the article about OMS here. 

Do you work on the same agreement draft with all fulfillment providers? If yes - why?

Yes, we do. 

With all fulfillment partners, we operate on the same agreement draft. The reasoning behind this is very simple, we merge the best interests of both logistics partners and eCommerce merchants. Only thanks to standardization, finding common ground across countries and legal systems is possible. 

Why do you ask for standardized pricing?

We work with a wide range of eCommerce businesses as well as dozens of fulfillment partners across Europe. Standardization of the offers keeps the process of customer onboarding fast and smooth.  

Almost every fulfillment provider has its own way of pricing services. This is one of the main difficulties eCommerce faces upon entering a new market. We are changing this pattern by providing clear, simple, easy-to-compare and calculate rates.   

Of course, we have in mind your business as well! This is why we have defined a "Standard Service Model", the basic, default scope of the project to which we apply the standard pricing. Any projects that cross the defined frameworks are priced individually.   

Do you have agreements for courier services?

Unfortunately, we do not operate directly with courier companies.  

We work with operators who have their own agreements and offer complex fulfillment services. You are free to establish your own courier connections and benefit from scaling up the volumes inside as well as outside of Linker Cloud. 


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