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OMS system



  • OMS system: A video recording of the packaging process

    We have launched our first cameras! 

    We have integrated a video recorder (DVR) and cameras from HIKVISION. Linker is now able to control the recording, giving our current and potential customers new opportunities! We provide documentation of the preparation of each individual order, and we reduce the time for processing claims as much as possible. You don't have to search for recordings in a 24-hour CCTV roll! With us, the footage of the packaging process is linked to a specific customer order, making claim verification trivial.

    In addition, it is a sensational way to quality control the packaging process, as well as to prepare training materials for employees.

    So far we have only completed the first stage of our work. We are now getting down to tagging the recordings. We want each recording to have information about the details. When a product is scanned, we will display its details and allow searching for the part of the recording in which the selected product is visible when being packed.

    Video of packaging recording - an exemplary view
  • OMS system: Adding photos to inbound notifications

    Currently, we are able to take and save photos in the process of returns and delivery advisories. Ultimately, the option will also be available in order packing. 

    Warehouse employees prepare photo documentation, which in subsequent stages of the process is available to foremen, managers, as well as the customer (owner of the goods).

    We decided to implement this feature based on our experience from conversations with fulfillment customers. Very often, if a customer puts the handling of a warehouse in the hands of an operator, they have concerns about losing control over what happens to their goods. The functionality of images in the application addresses these concerns.

    By documenting warehouse processes in the form of images, we are able to reduce the distance between the customer and the warehouse and provide them with a sense of control without being physically present in the warehouse. The functionality certainly provides a "competitive advantage" in our customers' sales process.

    Inbound notifications - photo adding. feature

  • WMS system: Order numbers in product history

    In the dedicated application for Linker WMS, we have added order numbers for inbound and outbound operations in the history of warehouse movements.

    Orders number in product history

  • WMS system: location type inheritance

    To make the user experience with Linker WMS easier, we have added a location-type inheritance feature. After the changes, editing a master location will display an additional pop-up that will ask the user whether to make changes to subordinate locations as well. If the user confirms, the system will perform a mass update.


  • OMS system: new feature - video recording of the packaging process - we have just finished development work on our new product. At the July level, we will test the solution with one of our customers. The functionality allows us to control the equipment (camera and recorder) from HIKVISION. Within the packing station, we control the start and end of the recording, creating recordings for specific orders. Handling claims has never been so easy.

    Zrzut ekranu 2023-06-29 o 10.35.41

    To learn more be sure to visit our dedicated VRoP landing page

  • OMS system: optimization of the performance of key processes - in May we told you about optimizing the search time for packing orders. We are not stopping and this month we have improved the time associated with the order list:
    - time of loading the list
    - time of order search by Linker number
    - time of searching orders by an external number
    - time of loading order details
    We have also started work on optimizing order closing in packaging, the results of which you will see in July.

  • OMS system: FedEx integration - we have integrated with the new REST API. This allows you to send shipments from FedEx outside of Poland and use International services freely which was not possible in the old SOAP API version.

  • OMS system: Integrations - API update for courier service Furgonetka.pl

  • WMS system: new feature: support for expiration dates and lot numbers in the inventory process - the last element of the entire functionality, which allows you to enter attributes for products taken into stock before the functionality is launched, as well as when entering surpluses during warehouse inventory.


  • OMS system:

    Optimization of order search for packing - for all customers using the Linker order packing module, we have made a number of technical changes to speed up order search time. After the changes, the order search time has been reduced below 1sec.

  • OMS system/ WMS system:  

    Palletization - this functionality allows you to systemically assign shipments to the appropriate logistics carrier (garbage can / pallet / cart), ensuring correct segregation of parcels in bulk carriers. Thanks to this solution, you are able to eliminate mistakes in shipments in the warehouse (for example, when a package for courier X, goes to the sorting office of another courier).

  • OMS system/ WMS system:  

    Stock report for operators - we have created a new report that allows customers using Linker WMS to collect a set of data for billing their customers for stocking of goods. The statement shows the number of occupied shelf and pallet addresses by day.

  • OMS system: 

    Suggesting a proper carton for packing [Stage 1] - an algorithm that suggests the optimal carton for packing an order. If the products in the order have defined dimensions and weights, we are able to calculate a carton hint for your employees and display it in the packing module. This is the first, simple version of the algorithm that is based on dimensions and volumes, which we want to improve and enhance over the coming weeks.

    OMS system multiply package order


  • OMS system/ WMS system:  

    batch numbers numbers and expiration dates handling: from now on, customers using Linker WMS can record expiration dates and create batch numbers when goods are received into the warehouse.

    OMS system

  • OMS system/ WMS system:  

    FEFO outbound for products with expiration dates - for all products with expiration dates, the system uses a "first expired, first out" FEFO strategy when generating picking paths. FEFO is the most complex method and the most commonly used in the food industry.


  • OMS system: expanding integration with BigCommerce: stock updates added

  • OMS system: new possibility to define conditions in the event definition from the configuration level

    OMS: events configuration
  • OMS system: the ability to download courier statuses for orders processed via "Send with Allegro".
  • OMS system: COMING SOON: material hinting in packaging - we are in the final stages of internal testing of the carton suggestion functionality for order packing!

    OMS system: material hinting
    If your products have dimensions entered in Linker, during packing we will suggest a carton into which all products will fit.

    Stay tuned: production launch is planned for the end of April!


  • WMS system: new feature - remove product from the list and product details for the selected warehouse. Feature available for the role: Admin.

    Remove a product (1)

  • OMS system: update of courier integration - "I ship with Allegro". Due to the expiration on 20/2/2023 of the old delivery service identifiers e.g. Inpost, One Box, DPD etc. for the delivery forms of the courier integration "I ship with Allegro", we updated the configuration form for the used delivery forms with the selection of each form separately. We have added a checkbox that selection means download from the e-commerce order the service ID for the delivery method selected by the Buyer, e.g. “Allegro UPS”. 

    order management system ecommerce

  • OMS: update of courier integration - GLS (domestic shipments). Adding in the courier configuration a list with the choice of reference value: linker order no., client order no., reference order no and display the number on the shipping label. In addition, replace the currently used for the order "parcel ID" with "tracking id" and update the tracking URL of the shipment.


  • WMS system: new feature - delete product during inbound as an additional verification and elimination of errors during warehouse inbound delivery. At the inbound stage, the User can now delete a single erroneously accepted product (e.g. incorrect quantity of products) using the "trash can" icon and continue or complete the inbound process. The function is available only for unclosed deliveries. 

    warehouse management syystem software
  • OMS system: new graphic styles and behavior for several filters. Among other things, for the "Status" field, where after selecting a single status - the status disappears from the drop-down list and is put back into the active filters-the field shows information about the number of selected statuses. It is still possible to sort by several statuses by selecting each status separately in the drop-down list, or by selecting advanced "Filters", which we have now moved just behind the "Columns" button. 

    order management system ecommerce
  • OMS: bug fixes and corrections for the processes of advising (accepting delivery), cancelling an order at different stages (statuses) of the order.

  • WMS: fixes in operation and behavior on the front-end of the application - Angular upgrade to v15, minor changes to the application architecture, fixes to several views and global handling of data loading in the application.



  • OMS system: integration with EuroPost Plus application - managing courier orders. As part of the integration, we have prepared shipment handling by DHL UK courier. OMS communication with EuroPost is responsible for the following processes: package creation, label generation, label retrieval, shipment status and waybill number. We are planning to support more courier companies from the UK market as part of the integration with the EuroPost service, including DPD UK
  • OMS system: handling the source of the order when selecting a delivery map - task done to support multiple allegro accounts in IAI integration (IdoSell). 
    In the IAI adapter configuration, we added a new checkbox on the first step - "Generate extended origin".
    When checked, we will write an additional suffix on the newly downloaded orders in the Origin field to recognize orders from different stores. Example for Allegro account with shopId = 1; IAI_allegro_1
    In the delivery maps, we added a new field that allows you to define Origin / Order Source.
    If the field in the delivery map is empty, the map assignment works without changes.
    If you enter "IAI_allegro_1" in the field, we will first try to assign a map where the Origin value from the map and from the order match. Also taking into account the parameters of external delivery, country code, max weight and max value.



  • OMS system: update of courier integration: Poczta Polska - addition of a new method "getPrintForParcel" for handling shipping labels 
  • WMS system: process automation: we added a mechanism for integration with a network of localized warehouses and situations when there is a cancellation of an order for various reasons and at various stages of the logistics process of handling an order in ecommerce. The mechanism after receiving a message from the ecommerce customer > communicates with the WMS of the warehouse > cancels the order at the same time taking off the product reservations on the WMS side > products return to the stock. 

innovation  Fulfillment Platform 
  • SLA widget extension: an extension for our chart showing the number of orders completed on time has appeared on the dashboard. In addition to a summary for the current month, we now also show aggregated results from previous months. A new Fulfillment site selection option has also appeared on the widget. This allows our customers using multiple warehouses in our network to see the performance of each of them in a separate view.
    ecommerce fulfillment

  • Importing products from integrations: after providing the ability to configure your integrations in the platform, we have made it possible to import products from connected e-commerce stores. The ability to import is available from the product list under the "Add product" button and from the integration. This is the easiest possible way to get your product data into the WMS.

ecommerce fulfillment



  • OMS system: update of courier integration: Poczta Polska - addition of "Pocztex 2.0." services. (postal vending machine, courier, 17,000 pickup points), which will replace the existing services Pocztex Courier 24 and 48. Operation - the OMS application automatically connects to the Electronic Shipper of the Post Office, so you can register shipments and generate shipping documents and labels electronically. To, use the new services you need to have an account in Electronic Shipper and a signed contract with the Polish Post Office. 
  • OMS system: update of courier integration: PostNord - support for the new PostNordParcel service and addition of the ability to create a small 105x148mm label 
  • OMS system: update of courier integration / Passing MasterPackNumber when creating a package. 
  • OMS system: bug fixes/application fixes for better usability of the application in terms of pagination, paging, and order counter on lists such as deliveries, orders, etc.
  • WMS system: new feature: users' management: add a new user and edit an existing user. 
  • WMS system: new feature: report product missing during order picking. When a shortage is reported, an inventory is taken for that product location. The system checks if the product is in another location and further guides the User according to the scenarios: 
    • (a) the system has found the product - we update the picking path, adding the product in another location, i.e. we suggest to the User the nearest location where the product can be picked for the order, 
    • b) the system has not found the product - the system bypasses the picking of the missing product, so it displays the User another product for picking and allows the User to finish picking the remaining products for the order. 

    innovationFulfillment Platform 
  • SLA improvement: calculation of delays after the execution date​ added.
  • The second part of the SLA widget: the ability to track history rates​: orders handle, returns, etc. 
  • New integration: possibility to manage all configurations with the Client Edit role. It's another self-service option - now you have the possibility to manage all configurations (integration with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, etc.) in the mentioned above role.
Ecommerce Fulfillment Platform - October


  • OMS system: Update of courier integration: DB Schenker: alignment of Schenker courier integration with the new  eSchenker , which aggregates all e-services for transportation in one place - "The customer, no matter where he is in Europe, will have the opportunity to order the same services, with the same quality and using the same sales channels." 
  • OMS system: Update of courier integration: UPS: addition of new forms of collection of a shipment carried out by a UPS courier. Receipt with signature depending on the age of the person receiving the shipment. 
  • Public API: The ability to pass 'custom_properties' has been added to the 'PUT order' method. 
  • OMS system: Update of courier integration: PPL - improved parsing of COD values, passing DepoCode, RouteCode. 
  • OMS: Courier integration: One Courier service support (One Box, One Point) for courier form "I send with Allegro".  
  • WMS system: New process: Product reservation according to First in > First out (FIFO) principle for pending orders and new orders exported from OMS. 
  • WMS system: New features: Warehouse management: add new warehouse, edit existing warehouse and list your warehouses. Assigning a warehouse to a User. 

    Warehouse manegement system software
  • WMS system: New feature: Show product locations. Responding to the needs of Users, we have added a new feature in the WMS application that allows you to show product locations on the warehouse in the process of incoming delivery or inter-warehouse transfer. Thus, the warehouse does not create further locations for a product that is already stored in the warehouse, but adds the goods to previously created locations for that product. 
innovationFulfillment Platform
  • Update of ecommerce integration: ecommerce platform - Shopify. We added multi-warehouse support for the scenario when our customer uses more than one warehouse in Shopify. 
  • New feature: manual Order adding. The ability to manually add orders appeared in the application. Simple and intuitive form, allows the User to add new warehouse release orders efficiently and quickly. 
  • Update of ecommerce integration: DPD CZ - added the ability to capture the status "Return to sender" in case of non-delivery of a package. 
  • New feature: in order to improve the logistics SLA, we have added within each marketplace fulfillment service days off and holidays to secure situations of closed warehouses and lack of shipment of orders on these days. 
  • Self-service: for the Admin role, we launched the option to self-configure our fulfillment application with its ecommerce channels. A simple and useful configuration process, where the User indicates the sales channels 
  • New data: we added to the order list view: waybill number and courier name. Extracting key data to the first view and thus reducing the number of clicks of the User who previously had to check the order details to check this information. 
  • Bug fixes: application fixes for better usability of filters and pagination on lists. 



  • OMS system: update of courier integration: for Post AT, Olza Logistic courier integrations we have introduced parcel-on-delivery functions for international shipment (COD) 
  • OMS system: update of courier integration: for the courier integration of Magyar Post we have introduced the functions of cash on delivery for international shipment (COD) and collection points. 
  • OMS system: update of courier integration: for the courier integrations of PPL.CZ and DHL, we have introduced the functions of sending multiple packages (multipacking) for one order and sending a COD package for an international shipment (COD).  
  • OMS system: Courier integration: DHL UK integration. DHL courier service present only in the UK market. 
  • OMS system: update of courier integration: for several carriers, the requirement of house number in delivery address was removed - the reason was that in some countries/address for house number does not exist.   
  • Public API: we added new endpoint PATCH order to allow updates of selected order data. 
  • WMS system: New feature: ability to cancel warehouse delivery. A new feature in the WMS application allows you to cancel a product delivery that has been imported from our OMS system or an external source into WMS. Performing the action will cancel the delivery before the products are taken into stock. 


innovationFulfillment Platform 
  • Ecommerce integration: integration with Plenty Markets platform, in which we handle the retrieval of products, orders with order statutes and waybill numbers, and stock updates. 
  • Ecommerce integration: we have added a new integration with Saly | B2B platform solutions and features. As part of the integration, we offer a two-way integration that allows for standard logistics operations - downloading and tracking the status of orders along with waybill number, inventory updates......  
  • ERP integration: We have added a new integration with Xero accounting operations platform. The integration enables the exchange of our eCommerce customers' data for the entire order process and related operations. 
  • Growth: Expansion of fulfillment network in England and Germany markets. Number of orders we can handle at current network scale: 
    • DE: + 20,000 orders per month 
    • UK: + 15 000 orders per month 
  • Bug fixes/application improvements for eCommerce customers and Fulfillments services:  
    we have made further improvements to the mobile version of the fulfillments application. All in accordance with the art and technique of responsive web design (RWD) to make the app accessible and look good on any device. Enjoy using it! 

    Ecommerce fulfillment


  • OMS system: courier integration: we have added a new courier integration with Olza logistic, which handles shipments to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia, among others. The integration allows you to print a shipping label and retrieve the status for a returned order, 
  • OMS system: courier integration: we added a new courier integration with Ambro Express, which handles shipments to Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, among others.  The integration allows you to print a shipping label, track orders, retrieve the status of a pending order, returned order and cancelled order. 
  • Public API: we provide a field in the API for uploading serial numbers. 


innovationFulfillment Platform 
  • Growth: Expansion of fulfillment network in the English market. The number of orders we can now handle is: + 10,000 orders per month.  
  • SLA widget: on our dashboard we display an indicator showing the percentage of orders fulfilled on time. This is information that makes our Fulfillment service transparent and transparent. This gives our customers a real picture of the quality of the logistics service we provide.  
  • ERP integration: we have added a new integration with the Cin7 platform. The integration enables the exchange of data of our ecommerce customers, among others, in terms of logistics operations with their suppliers and deliveries to warehouses (3PL) in the Linker network. 


  • OMS system: update of courier integration: for the integration with DHL Europe, we have introduced the functions of sending multiple packages (multipacking) for one order and sending a parcel on delivery for an international shipment (COD).  
  • OMS system: update of courier integration: for the integration with the Czech courier company PPL.CZ, we have introduced the functions of sending multiple packages (multipacking) for one order. 
  • OMS system: courier integration: Integration with PostAT carrier, in which we carry out the creation and cancellation of a shipment with the printing of a shipping label and tracking.
innovationFulfillment Platform 
  • Ecommerce integration: we have added a new integration with Shopify platform. The integration offers a two-way integration that allows standard logistics operations - downloading and tracking order status with shipping note number, inventory updates. 
  • New feature: return process function development – now you’ve got an ability to register multiple returns for one order. 
  • New feature: auto-assignment - we added a function to define rules for assigning orders to a selected warehouse. It allows customers selling in multiple markets and using multiple warehouses in the Linker network to easily control where an order is fulfilled. 





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