Shape processes ​
almost without any limits

Reap the benefits of our unique architecture: ​
gain the support of a system of plug-ins and predefined events and make your daily work more efficient and free of repetitive tasks.​

NOTE: each project in Linker has an individual configuration of automatic functions, grouped into sections such as WMS, invoicing, packaging, advisories, order fulfillment (import, grouping, splitting), or inventory updates.​

Depending on your needs, we also offer additional modules to improve the configuration of process automation. Validators, order assignment rules, notifications, split rules or shipment blocking are just some of them. Thanks to them, you have even more control over the operation of the application and customize it according to your requirements.​

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Focus on business' core: ​
eliminate repetitive actions​​

Eliminate routine and conditional tasks such as: 

  • printing labels
  • printing invoices, 
  • printing receipts,
  • updating statuses in external systems, 
  • sending notifications 
  • ... and much more. 

Depending on your needs, you can trigger automatic events either directly at the input or output of a step on a workflow, condition them with variables from orders or trigger them following another event.  

Automatic actions are also possible to implement in plug-ins thus simplifying and speeding up daily operations.​​