What is Linker Cloud Fulfillment Network and what does the partnership with you look like?

Linker Cloud is a dynamically expanding network connecting 3PL fulfillment partners and eCommerce merchants. We are a hub connecting the sellers with local suppliers of fulfillment services. Customers seeking to sell their goods on multiple European markets turn to Linker for: 

  1. easy access to a specific market;
  2. savings of time and resources in searching for a fulfillment supplier;
  3. fast dispatch from local warehouses;
  4. one agreement and one contact point, even when relating to many fulfillment sites across the world. 

Therefore, Linker can provide you with a wide and growing stream of customers. With Business Development Team we are always on the lookout for new opportunities. This way growing our business is directly connected with growing yours.  

What's important - we are also a single point of contact for you! Instead of dealing with dozens of individuals across all client departments, you contact Linker only. Thanks to our internal Customer Success Team, we filter out the trivia questions. 

All the connections, settlements, and invoicing are made with Linker. A single agreement, standardized format for orders and processes, and a single API connection made by us cut a lot of costs on your side. 

In practice with no investment, you are widening the stream of customers whom you can work with you.