Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we provide answers. Check out the most common questions
concerning fulfillment and cooperation with Linker.

What does the process of starting cooperation and service in Linker's fulfillment network look like?

You only need to provide us with information about service expectations. On that basis, we will determine agreement terms, conditions, and a price list. If you accept those documents, you can start shipping products to the chosen location.

Do I need to pay for the Saas platform if I'm using the fulfillment network?

No, you don't. E-commerce merchants that use our fulfillment network get access to the processes powered by our OMS software for free.

Do I need to have a certain amount of orders from a specific country to start shipping there?

No. There are no order limits at Linker.

I would like to test a new market, how should I prepare myself for this?

Before you start thinking about selling abroad, the basis is always legal and tax verification of sales conditions. From a fulfillment service perspective, a new market launch is quick and easy for Linker's customers. The main objective at this stage is to stock up time.

What are the first steps of fulfillment when testing sales in new markets if I'm already a Linker customer?

All you need to do is send us a request to open a new market. Following that you will receive an offer, and after approving it you will get a request to stock up the new location or information about shipping from the currently used warehouse.

Can I pick a specific warehouse that will ship my orders?

No. We pick the most optimal (cost- and time-wise) warehouses from our network for you.