calendar   July 13, 2023

Webinar: OMS - a tool for quality assurance of logistics processes in the warehouse

Join the event - and learn how to optimize the work of your warehouse!

An efficient warehouse: the heart of e-commerce logistics

It's hard to imagine a working supply chain where there would be no room for advanced warehousing.

After all, this is where activities such as picking, packing, labeling, and... handling returns and potential claims.

The helping hand of OMS

Often warehouse work involves many challenges, such as the need for a lot of manual labor, employing a large workforce, and spending a lot of time handling each shipment separately.

All these activities are undoubtedly associated with a high risk of making potential mistakes, which, from the customer's point of view, can be unforgivable - meaning a real loss of customers for e-commerce.

Simple solutions to difficult challenges

Join us for our webinar hosted jointly with the Chamber of Digital Economy as part of the School of Digital Commerce. At the event (conducted in Polish) you will learn, among other things:

  • most common logistics challenges: need to reduce manual labor, save time, reduce supply chain errors;
  • how does the OMS system work? From online ordering to integrations, to tracking numbers;
  • easier claims handling: recording the packing process;
  • packages under full control: carton size prompting and additional functions.