calendar   June 1, 2023

Webinar: Green eCommerce: logistics, recycling and friends

Today's online shoppers are demanding: they want fast and free delivery and...green logistics. Let's find out how to make them happy!

Ecommerce versus the environment

As an industry, we are an infamous contributor to the devastation of the planet: transport contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and typical packaging contributes a proverbial brick to pollution on Earth and in the oceans. Neither the planet nor... consumers care, who are putting ever-increasing pressure on the industry to take care of the environment.

The green solution

Is it possible to green the industry? Sign up for the webinar and learn what recommerce is, how to avoid accusations of greenwashing, and how to make logistics far more balanced.

To the rescue: wise business decisions

Driving the green changes are the decisions of the logistics industry and the online commerce industry. These include, among others:

  • switching from stock packaging to recycled biodegradable materials, or made from natural sources
  • betting on parcel machine deliveries
  • preventing returns
  • and much more!