calendar   September 1, 2022

Webinar alert: Dropshipping and fulfillment: start selling internationally right now! 

Comprehensive offer and fast delivery is a proven way to achieve e-commerce success. This time we join forces with Droplo - and together invite you to the webinar, thanks to which you will learn the secrets of dropshipping and fulfillment services! 

Logistics challenges versus cross-border expansion 

How do you scale up your online business? Sign up for the webinar and take the opportunity to ask Linker Cloud CEO, Daniel Kierdal, and Tomasz Cincio - CEO of Droplo, the largest B2B wholesale platform in this part of Europe. 

The combined forces of sales support methods   

A wise choice of business partners, maretplaces and logistics service providers is the key to winning new (and loyal!) customers. Expand your ecommerce knowledge - and make sure you know what your buyers want. 

Trends in the e-commerce sector: the magic behind fulfillment network  

If the topic of international eCommerce development is close to your business heart, be sure to attend our event and learn more about: 

  • international dropshipping; 
  • delivery issues without any secrets; 
  • logistical challenges related to international expansion; 
  • fulfillment network operations; 
  • the challenging needs of customers - based on real-life case studies! 
NOTE: the webinar will be conducted in Polish.