calendar   November 30, 2022

Trends in eCommerce marketing 2022/2023: the green side of sales live shopping, social commerce, subscription sales, and the company.

How the eCommerce industry looks like, everyone can see. In a fast-growing industry, there is no room for being left behind. Check out the direction online commerce is heading and check out what to bet on in the coming sales year.

Industry growth vs. new trends: responding to real consumer needs

Is it possible to perversely predict the unpredictable - and predict what the online commerce sector stands for and will stand for a while yet? Check what brands are betting on this time - no matter which trend you find most inspiring, there is definitely plenty to choose from!

Is it possible to sell online globally and operate locally?

Sign up for free for the event and listen to a lecture by Patryk Szubiczuk, our Chief Logistics Officer, who will tell you how fulfillment can be used to easily master the shopping and logistics frenzy. Even if you scale globally - and you operate and run a business from just one country!


The green side of sales, social commerce, and... logistics

ReCommerceCommerce has been triumphing lately, and brands are betting on being eco - this is already known to everyone working in the e-retail industry. However, did you know that in the future part of last-mile delivery deliveries will be made by drinks, or that the popularity of parcel lockers is so huge that the term "lockerland" has even been created...?

Industry news to be noted: everything you need to know about sales in 2023

Listen to what our Head of Marketing, Marta Michalowska, believes will rule the eCommerce showrooms next year - the lecture will be held in Polish, and will cover topics such as:

  • qCommerce, or fast shopping

  • popularity of subscription sales

  • live shopping

  • deferred payments

  • recommerce

  • green logistics