calendar   September 22, 2022

Let's talk about facilities: the optimal storage conference

Logistics is not only about transportation - but also (or maybe especially?) about the storage issue. Check with our Chief Logistics Officer, Patryk Szubiczuk, to see if warehouses can also be environmentally friendly.

The golden age of Poland's warehouse era  

The high supply of new space is proof of the good condition of logistics and a clear indication to investors that the expansion of warehouse portfolios is a good business direction. But what about their maintenance management?

Warehousing trends in 2022/2023 season

Register for the meeting and learn about the future of logistics. Find out who gained and who lost after two years of the pandemic. Find out what technology supports the latest warehouse facilities.


Key to success: smart optimization

Join panel discussions and listen to lectures by industry experts. Call in online for an event and get to know:
  • global trends in ecology versus the challenges of a modern business situation;
  • warehouse business security in the face of change issues;
  • energy and utility challenges - how to manage this area from a tenant and landlord perspective .