calendar   June 13, 2022

Reimagining the Global Supply Chain – ffVC portfolio founders discussion 

Does digital transformation apply to the transportation, warehousing, and last-mile delivery industries? Of course, it does! Join the meeting and learn about the logistics of the future.  

Overcome the supply chain challenges with Linker!  

Logistics can be a real challenge - especially when it goes beyond the local to global markets. Sign up for the ffVC friends & founders meeting - and get the perspective of industry experts! 

Streamling the global trade thanks to smart logistics products 

Join the event featuring Linker Cloud CEO Daniel Kierdal as a speaker - and find out if food delivery done by drones and 24-hour delivery across Europe is the proverbial song of the future, or if it's happening today. 

Founders & CEOs: the management team's point of view 

Different partners means a broader view of the market situation - join the event and listen to the discussion of the biggest industry experts. The meeting will be attended by: