calendar   October 27, 2022

Logistics in eCommerce without secrets: Fulfillment as a tool to reach the end customer faster

Join eCommerce industry leaders at the largest industry event for online sellers in Central Europe - and hear how to smarten up the logistics of your online sale!

The key role of logistics in eCommerce  

Running an online store is impossible without taking care of shipping and transporting items to buyers. This, of course, raises a number of challenges and tasks to be dealt with - thanks to us you will learn how to bravely meet them.

Is it possible to sell online globally and operate locally?

Sign up for free for the event and listen to a lecture by Patryk Szubiczuk, our Chief Logistics Officer, who will tell you how fulfillment can be used to easily master the shopping and logistics frenzy. Even if you scale globally - and you operate and run a business from just one country!


Fulfillment service: gain easy access to a multi-places service network

Check out how to use fulfillment service wisely and scale your eCommerce cross-border without any problems! During our presentation you will learn:
  • how to realize deliveries to the end customer realized in 24/48h;
  • how to get access to local couriers (and their rates) within a few clicks of a mouse;
  • and how to easily use a local return address.