calendar   March 21, 2023

Love at first sight: logistical trends and the needs of online shoppers! 

E-commerce and logistics are connected vessels: one cannot exist without the other. But can fulfillment help to improve CX? Of course, it can - check it out with us at an upcoming webinar!

Consumer needs: time, place of delivery, and company  

Do you think everyone wants fast delivery to their own door? And so... and no. It is true that same and next-day delivery is high on the list of shoppers' needs, but the preference for where to pick up parcels depends on the country of origin of the consumer, as does the acceptance of the delivery window time.

Younger generations of buyers <3 green fulfillment

Green fulfillment and eco logistics - are two aspects that buyers are willing to pay more for. In order to save the planet, we can bet on biodegradable packaging, better-located warehouses, or... delivery to parcel lockers.

The key role of how returns are handled

A well-written returns policy is essential; but can we simplify the whole process so that it works to the benefit of e-commerce? Join the webinar and find out what logistical tricks you can use to win the loyalty of your online shoppers with a well-managed returns policy!