calendar   January 25, 2023

E-commerce growth in crisis. Case study: how to enter 4 foreign markets simultaneously?

Is it possible to conquer 4 new markets in a month? It can - and we'll talk about how to do it in a webinar recorded with Satisfly!

New markets on the horizon: both challenge and opportunity 

We are always rooting for the industry and keeping our fingers crossed for ambitious eCommerce projects: after all, we all know how important it is to attract new customers, including those from foreign markets.

However, if it were an easy route, every online shop would opt for this solution. However, it can be done smoothly - as long as reliable business partners are used.

Going global comprehensive guide 

The key to success abroad is first and foremost good research: both into the shopping habits of customers and the legal issues involved in setting up a shop.

But that's not all: you must not forget about... logistics. Our CTO, Wojciech Ciołko, will talk about how a fulfillment service will solve most of your problems in this area - and it will explain how to take the challenge off the shoulders of your workers allowing you to focus on further developing your business.

What to look out for when hitting up abroad? 

Logistics and shipping abroad? Piece of cake!
Wojciech will introduce you to the arcana of the industry and tell you how:

  • get around the tedious, long, and expensive process of finding the right partners in multiple countries at once;

  • cleverly handle the subject of entering not just one, but several new markets at the same time;

  • make the issue of integration with various carriers, couriers, warehouses, and other subcontractors accessible in just a few mouse clicks.

Sound interesting? Then come along to the webinar!
Please note: the event will be held in the Polish language