calendar   September 15, 2022

Green, Greener, Ecommerce!: lecture on the Internet Beta Conference

InternetBeta is a Polish iconic conference bringing together ecommerce and marketing experts. This year Linker Cloud will participate in it as well – check out our lecture on eco online sales and green logistics topics! 

Ecommerce goes green: how to run a sustainable online business? 

Both the ecommerce industry and the closely related logistics industry have a huge impact on the environment and the planet more generally. We are responsible for this state of affairs: both as service providers and consumers.  

It is only by joining forces and taking action together that we can improve the existing ecological situation, and proudly say that we do it consciously. 

Rapid growth of the ecommerce is not only a sheer benefit for the industry 

We are all contributing to this situation - by buying more and more we are adding to the creation of more plastic packaging, increasing our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. As an industry, however, we have an opportunity to make a real difference in reducing the negative impacts of our businesses. 

Sustainability in ecommerce (and logistics) really matters!   

Check with Marta Michalowska, our Head of Marketing, what eco actions are worth implementing in your online business. 

At InternetBeta during Linker’s presentation you will be able to find out on: 

  • the growing trend of recommerce; 
  • wide range of eco-packaging materials; 
  • the role of web design in promoting green sales; 
  • and sustainable actions taken by the logistics industry (fulfillment, activities implemented in warehouses, use of biofuels, etc.).