calendar   May 25, 2022

E-export: how to use it wisely in the companies’ development? - Export Academy workshop

The Export Academy organized by the Lublin Business Club Association to an event familiar to all eCommerce professionals.
upcoming event will feature a guest appearance by Linker Cloud CEO, Daniel Kierdal - and will familiarize attendees with the intricacies of e-exports.

Meet the digital side of logistics 

Are you already familiar with the opportunities provided by online logistics tools in the context of scaling ecommerce business, especially those concerning cross border expansions? If not - you've come to the right place! The meeting with Daniel Kierdal will be led by Justyna Skorupska - E-commerce market expert, member of the Council of the Chamber of Electronic Commerce, which she co-founded. 

Fulfillment for the rescue 

A fulfillment network backed by an out of the box solution enabling quick integration with many marketplaces, courier companies and ecommerce platforms is a solution to many of the problems faced by stores selling online. Take part in the upcoming edition of the Export Academy - and learn how fulfillment can help you in the daily work of shipping, packaging and returns handling. 

E-logistics: the solution of the future 

There are many  plans for entering foreign markets - but no matter which one you choose, as an ecommerce owner you need to take care of the logistics challenges. Take part in the workshop - and find out: 

  • what strategy to follow when scaling an ecommerce and D2C company abroad; 
  • what are the advantages of a fulfillment network over a typical 3PL solution; 
  • how to blur geographic boundaries when running e-commerce businesses.