calendar   June 28, 2022

Expansion into European markets at a time of trade collapse with the East – expert speech on the Business Forum

Current market crises make foreign sales a real challenge. Check out with our CGO, Hubert Tworkowski, how to scale ecommerce in a situation of pandemic and war in Ukraine at his speech during the 3rd edition of “Business Forum: Economy firstly” organized by the Lublin Business Club Association!  

Sustainable logistics solution for ecommerce  

Logistics is not just about the challenges of packing, shipment, and last-mile delivery. It's also a matter of making wise decisions out of concern for the environment. Together with British Embassy in Poland and Czech Republic as well as Allegro and Cushman & Wakefield companies, we took a closer look at what we can do in this regard. 

Learn more about scaling your business abroad in an eco-friendly way 

Acquire deep knowledge about digital exporting from the inside out - from a marketplace perspective and green warehousing issues to going cross-border with fulfillment network. Listen to our CEO, Daniel Kierdal, talking about how to conquer CEE markets with a sustainable logistics approach. 

Carrying for the environment: a win-win solution 

During the webinar, you will learn selected key insights to better meet customer expectations and run smoother cross-border expansion. Sign up for an event and learn the ins and outs of the following topic: 

  • ways to solve the logistical challenges of daily e-commerce operations 
  • logistics ideas to smoothly conquest of new foreign markets 
  • how to achieve success while taking care of the environment (thanks to strategically located warehouses, green-knowledge sharing, or responsible selection of business partners, among others).