calendar   September 15, 2022

Digital Transformation. Trends and challenges for e-business

A conference for all those who want to effectively sell online - join our CTO, Wojciech Ciołko, and see how eCommerce is changing before our eyes!

Nail down for the future and increase e-commerce revenue  

Register right now - and receive a powerful dose of knowledge, inspiration, and ready-to-use solutions from Polish and foreign experts who have been involved in e-commerce for years and have experience in various industries.
Learn about trends, logistics, and automation - and stay more than a few dozen business steps ahead of your competitors!

Debate in the service of modern solutions ahead of current sales standards

Recommerce, eco logistics, store automation, or news on marketplaces and omnichannel - all these topics are at your fingertips (in fact, just a few clicks away from listening to the conference's experts). 

Take a bold step forward - and see what actions to take to sell more and meet the most comfortable expectations of buyers.

Discover a new perspective to grow your business

Take part in Q&A sessions with experts and ask them questions on a topic that concerns you. Hear where the future of the industry is headed:
  • check what the current needs of e-customers are, and how you can meet them
  • take on the challenge of choosing the right technologies
  • make a smart presence in marketplaces and take full advantage of omnichannel
  • learn how to green your sales and related logistics.