calendar   June 30, 2022

Fulfillment network: logistics without borders – lecture on the Digital Economy Forum

Join a gathering of the ecommerce industry's most important experts for an online event organized by the Chamber of Digital Economy - and find out how to smartly conquer new markets with a fulfillment network! 

What will be covered at our workshops?   

Our Linker Cloud CEO, Daniel Kierdal, talked about the role of logistics and fulfillment in creating an ecommerce brand without borders (the keynote of this year's forum). He focused on issues related to scaling a cross-border business - with particular attention to the development of mid-sized ecommerce and D2C (direct to consumer) brands. 

There are many logistical challenges facing ecommerce 

Solution is simple and available at your fingertips, in fact at a few clicks of the mouse - and that is to use the services of professional fulfillment network providers. It will not only remove the burden of taking care of shipping, ordeer management, picking and backing as well as order handling - but will also open up a whole new field for business growth. 

Blur geographical boundaries while focusing on further business development 

Taking care of logistics doesn't have to be a problem. Listen to Daniel Kierdal's lecture and find out how to: 

  • minimize operating costs; 
  • reduce the time to introduce the company to a new market; 
  • effectively lower business risk; 
  • do not have to engage additional resources; 
  • discover huge potential for business success.