calendar   July 14, 2022

The bright future of ecommerce & logistics: workshop on Thursday Gathering

Are you curious how to successfully conduct international sales (which really is at the business fingertips) combined with green, sustainable fulfillment solutions? Check it out with Linker Cloud CEO, Daniel Kierdal! 

Cross-border sales & (eco) fulfillment: a perfect duo  

Join the community of ecommerce freaks at #107 Thursday Gathering session organised by Venture Cafe and check out what the future of the online sales and logistics industry will look like. We encourage you to participate, especially since in addition to the lecture there will be in-person sessions, during which we will gladly reveal the secrets of successful sustainable logistics solutions. 

SME or D2C companies: fulfillment for the rescue 

Both of these business models focus heavily on online and cross-border sales. Did you know, that comparing 2016 and 2022 data, the percentage share of cross border sales in total ecommerce worldwide has increased from 15% to 22%? On the one hand, such a result is undoubtedly gratifying, but on the other hand, it means challenges regarding the need to fulfill international orders and the high entry threshold required by 3PL companies. 

Network fulfillment model as a comprehensive solution 

Is it possible to be competitive and meet the most exorbitant expectations of customers while taking care of the environment and time of delivery? At the workshop you will learn how to achieve this, and hear about issues such as: 

  • what are the preferred delivery methods depending on the country the customer comes from; 
  • what benefits (including those related to ROI) give betting on green logistics; 
  • and how to get real possibility to control costs and orders in real-time.