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Growth calendar    Jul 05, 2022

Tech overview #2: new solutions implemented in Q2

We are continuing our tech update and present the next summary of the changes that happened on our platform in the past three months.

As you know from a previous post in this series, we've been working like little monkeys since the beginning of the year to make your experience with our platform even better.

Check out what we've been up to this quarter - and we promise we won't slow down and we'll show off the new features in another Tech Overview post soon!

What have we been working on?

The launch of the new platform generated a lot of additional work within our organisation.

Together with the marketing and sales department, we prepared a document presenting the possible scenarios of using the platform. We know how important it is to spread the knowledge about the tool and the possibilities it gives to our clients - so if you would like to talk about the possibilities Linker offers or see a demo of our tool, please contact us directly.

New for us in Q2 were onboarding customers, which we have already done using our new application - Fulfillment Platform.

We are extremely pleased with the fact that our customers are willing to share their insights and comments with us. It is thanks to our customers and their engagement in the feedback we receive that we are able to change for the better.

New Features and Improvements

An important principle that Linker's team has long embraced is transparency and the continuous improvement of the solutions we provide.

What can be done to make the fulfillment service, or in more general terms the logistics service, 100% clear? Which features can be enhanced with new aspects?

Check out what we have already achieved in the last 3 months.

1. Logistics SLA

As part of our key services, we offer clients access to an international Fulfillment Network. With our help, scaling your e-commerce business to new markets is more than easy. The division of responsibilities is also simple. You take care of sales and company growth, while we take care of your operations.

To make it as easy as possible for you to do the actions needed, we have prepared an advanced mechanism that allows you in the first step to defining SLA for each of our warehouses.

To be more specific, let's refer to the following example:

Order received today, until 10:00 a.m. - will be fulfilled the same day until 6:00 p.m. If the order appear after 10:00 a.m., fulfilment will be postponed until the next day.

On this basis, we calculate the date of execution of the order, which had to be reconciled with the currently running algorithm. Then we determine for each completed order whether the preparation occurred before or after the calculated completion date.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - screenshot

We present a summary of these operations as a percentage indicator of orders completed on time. The widget includes the rate for the current month and a history of average monthly results from previous months.

2. Stock report

The stock section is one of the most important tasks in terms of customer needs. That's why we take special care in the ongoing development of this stage.

We have added a function button on the stock list, which allows for quick export of the displayed list to a file in XLSX format - including filters used on the list.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - screenshot

3. Returns' acceptance

In the returns process, the ability to mark a return as reprocessed was missing.

The return itself is registered by the warehouse which receives it. It appears on the list of returns in the application. In response to the warehouse receipt, in most cases, the return process is completed. The completion of these actions can be marked by accepting the return, which changes its status in the system.

Linker Cloud Fulfillment Platform screenshot

4. API Integrator

We have started a major project to create a new microsystem responsible for integration with e-commerce. What characterises it? Modern architecture enhances with minimised vulnerability to failures and high performance. Within the new integration tool, we are preparing several new integrations, among others, connection with the Amazon Selling Partner API service.

The task is not finished yet, but if you take a look at our Tech Overview going to be published at the end of Q3, you will surely find out how we use this feature. It may not sound humble, but we are already proud of this part of the platform.

5. Auto-assignment rules

This functionality allows for defining rules and for assigning orders to a selected warehouse in the Fulfillment Network also. If the customer uses 2 or more warehouses, our system needs clear guidelines on where to allocate a particular order.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - screenshot

When importing orders, an automatic event is triggered which checks the rules defined by the customer. It assigns the order to a specific warehouse and exports the order to be processed in the appropriate warehouse.

Hungry for More?

In addition to the tasks described above, this quarter we fought against technology debt. We were able to eliminate quite a few bugs and fixed small UX/UI things that improve the functional part of our application.

Of course, we are not stopping there - stay tuned and check back to see what upgrades we are working on!

Product Owner at Linker Cloud. Extremely experienced manager, dedicated to making real changes in e-commerce, rather than following the crowd.

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