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Tech Overview #1: learn about new features implemented in Q1

Fulfillment is not only a logistics service - but also the entire technical background. Check out what new features have been added to Linker in Q1 2022.

As we reported some time ago, we made a strategic pivot to change the direction of the company's growth - and focus on fulfillment.

Such a bold decision is also related to the technical development of the platform. In a series of upcoming articles, we'll keep you posted on the steps our developers are taking to make things easier for our clients - and at the end of the day, to get the real state-of-the-art logistics software.

Today we invite you to an overview of the features and improvements implemented in Q1 2022!

Brief Summary: here comes the fulfillment!

Looking at the rapidly changing e-commerce market, we are proud that we can be a part of it - including being a part of our clients' businesses. We know that logistics is a key element in this sales puzzle and that is why we strive to constantly develop to meet customers' highest expectations and standards as accurately as possible.

The direction in which the entire industry will follow in a moment is investing in new technologies and an approach based on comprehensive customer service and support, which in practice means focusing on fulfillment processes.

As a company with ambitions, we decided not to just look to the future, but to take this step today. That is exactly why at the beginning of the year, our fulfillment platform was put into production and handed over to the first customers for use.

The first stage involved the preparation of a user-friendly interface that would display basic information such as:

  • a list of orders with the possibility of displaying details (data such as information on when the package was shipped, what goods were purchased, in which warehouse items are stored, when the package was collected by the customer etc.),

  • a list of inbound notifications, enriched with the possibility of adding a new inbound notification manually,

  • a list of products you're currently selling (not only stock levels but also other products, eg. brand new items offered as pre-orders),

  • stock levels.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - configuration

The above-mentioned production launch is the beginning of a long road that we plan to travel together with our clients. We're at the very start of this journey - and we're super excited that we will be able to work on further improvements to our software and share with you the progress made.

We want our service to be transparent and to enter the fulfillment stage on a partnership basis together with our customers and sales leads. At the same time, we decided to operate in an even more orderly and scalable way - and to meet your needs by creating a Product Development RoadMap, which will be our main guideline. We would also like to emphasize that we are open to new integrations - that's why we encourage you to implement them using our API.

Emerging Technologies and New Features Introduction

The direction of our further activities is obvious: in our application, we'll create solutions that meet the real needs of users. In the long run, we aim to prepare tools that will allow instant preparation of a price list for fulfillment services and automate the process of concluding contracts.

Then, we will open the door to the application, where the customer will be able to configure its integrations with the source system, announce the delivery and begin his adventure with the international Linker Fulfillment network.

Meanwhile, we have already implemented many useful features. Below, we proudly present the most important of them.

  1. Adding New Products to the Product List

From now you have an option to add new products to the product list. You can do this in two ways: manually, going through a quick form, or using the import option. To achieve this, you need to prepare a file in XLSX format beforehand. The appropriate file template can be found and downloaded in the import tab.

Using this function, you can also make batch editing of the current products from the database.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - configuration


Returns View

Returns are one of the most important additional services in fulfillment operations.

They play a key role in the process of returning funds to the customer. We have added to our application an overview of the list of registered returns, the possibility to verify the details of the return, and the functionality of acceptance.

Screen z Linker Cloud platform: returnsview.

  1. Minimum Stocks Defining

We have prepared a functionality that allows you to define the minimum level of products inventory. Their definition is possible on 3 levels:

  • minimum stock at the warehouse level- the most detailed value with the highest priority. You can define it for a selected product, in a selected warehouse (especially important for customers operating in many countries).

  • minimum stock at the product level - it is taken into account if the minimum stock level is not specified. It then defines equal stock for all warehouses where the product is stored.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - configuration

  • minimum stock at a customer level - defines a default value that will be considered if minimal stock is not completed at the product and fulfillment site level. Its main task is to facilitate the initial configuration.

As soon as a minimum stock has been correctly configured, alerts will be displayed on the stock list. A product with a stock equal to or lower than the specified minimum is marked with a red dot; when the product is expanded, its quantity in the selected stock is shown together with informative icons.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - configuration

Hungry for more?

Stay in touch with us - soon we will be proud to announce a new portion of improvements and features implemented in the service of the perfect fulfillment process.

Product Owner at Linker Cloud. Extremely experienced manager, dedicated to making real changes in e-commerce, rather than following the crowd.

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