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Growth calendar    Oct 04, 2022

Partnership Alert: succeed abroad with MakesYouLocal & Linker Cloud

Please join us in welcoming our new partner - MakesYouLocal specialising in the development of ecommerce activities in new markets!

Our partnership community is constantly growing - to the joy and benefit of our customers.

This time we are pleased to announce another partnership - with a company that helps you succeed in foreign markets!

We believe in the power to support our customers - also at other stages of scaling the business globally nothing to focus on logistics alone.

To help you achieve sales peaks overseas we are expanding the circle of our partners to include new companies - this time we are truly proud to present to you MakesYouLocal!

Business growth at your fingertips

New markets mean new capabilities - meet the provider of profitability growth solutions through local customer service!

MakesYouLocal help webshops succeed abroad. As Olga Pijanowska, Cross-Border E-Commerce & Sales Manager-from the company points out:

We help with the initial strategic decisions and localisation as well as the daily operations, where we take care of customer service, translations, shop management and online marketing, with a focus on growth and profitability. We can also do a check of your shop, to ensure that it will appear trustworthy for local consumers.

Benefit from easy access to any global market

MakesYouLocal emphasizes that new market = new customer. The company helps develop e-commerce activities in new markets, making sales efficient, thus representing an extremely successful investment.

Our in-house local country teams, know your new market and customers expectations when shopping online, they will assist you from start until launch, preparing the webshop for the local customers. After launch, they can both do customer service, translations of product texts, and localisation of marketing and social media content.

In other words, use our country team as if it was your own team. The only difference is, that you only pay for the hours you need them! - Olga Pijanowska explains.

We hope that our collaboration and the combined forces of Linker Cloud and MakesYouLocal make it easier than ever to our users to conquer new markets. If you are planning to leverage your brands overseas - do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Head of Marketing at Linker Cloud who gained experience in the insurance and tech industry. She also has a marketing agency perspective.

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