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Growth calendar    Aug 04, 2022

Partnership Alert: Linker Cloud & Droplo join business forces

The number of our partners is growing and we are delighted by this! Read more about the plans for our partnership with Droplo.

We believe in the power of business collaborations and the resulting synergy. These are partnerships that are convenient for both the companies themselves and, most importantly, the customers.

We are all the more pleased to announce that we have established a partnership with Droplo - a B2B wholesale platform for e-commerce.

Ready, steady, business growth!

Together we decided to sign a partnership agreement and combine the services offered at the product level.

Thanks to the agreement, we will expand the offer aimed at e-commerce companies and D2C brands, i.e. selling directly to customers.

The Droplo platform is aimed at e-commerce suppliers and sellers. How does it work? One party offers its products, and the other can source them for its e-commerce store or other sales channel. In the partnership with Linker Cloud, users of the Droplo platform will gain shipping support in European countries and access to a network of warehouses in key locations, thus the ability to easily scale business abroad. The cooperation undertaken means facilitating the automation of sales and delivery of orders to the end customer within about 24 hours across Europe.

As Tomasz Cincio, CEO of Droplo, points out:

We are building the most innovative B2B platform with ambitions to become a leading e-commerce player in the European market. That's why we are looking for solutions and tools that will make our product even more complete. We are keen to make the contact between suppliers and sellers as simple as possible, while at the same time providing as many opportunities as possible. Linker Cloud fits perfectly with these intentions, expanding access to European markets for our customers.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfillment Network

In turn, Linker Cloud users will be able to take advantage of access to suppliers from the European Union and develop their businesses in a dropshipping model, in which the wholesaler is responsible for shipping. The main task of an online retailer in this model is to run the store and serve customers. The supplier is responsible for stocking the products and only ships them when the customer places an order. The seller does not have to invest in goods and logistics, so he does not bear the risk of a backlog of unsold products.

We deeply believe that e-commerce development in the age of international sales now has no physical boundaries. We want to create a reality in which maximum facilitation of logistics processes and intensification of operations in new markets are purely a matter of choice - and not overcoming difficulties on your own, business-wise - emphasizes Daniel Kierdal, CEO of Linker Cloud.

Linker Cloud and Droplo's offerings complement each other perfectly, so our cooperation is natural.

We sincerely hope that everyone will benefit from joining our business forces - together we will achieve even greater growth, and our customers will gain the opportunity for the easiest possible logistics.

Head of Marketing at Linker Cloud who gained experience in the insurance and tech industry. She also has a marketing agency perspective.

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