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Company calendar    May 31, 2022

Linker's Diary: spring presence at events, articles, and guest posts

Taking care of logistics is not just what you see when using our platform. A lot is going on behind the scenes - see what we have been working on recently.

Despite the beautiful weather outside and the warm spring, we are not slowing down - and we are still happy to share our business know-how and learn new industry news.

We also take care of Linker community and employer branding. Check out for yourself how much our team earned in April and May!

Expert articles on (not only) logistics topics

In our team we highly value subject matter expertise - we constantly read the trade press and strive to become better at what we do.

We are just as happy to share our experience, not only our company blog and website - after all, we have really committed, knowledgeable professionals on board who always take great pleasure in passing on their knowledge.

Over the past two months we have managed to write substantive expert articles for the following magazines:

  • Our CEO, Daniel Kierdal, write a text for Logistics Manager Magazine, on Development, balance, and flexibility - a new reality in the world of logistics for eCommerce topic (the text is available in Polish in the last issue of the magazine - in the press edition or online for a fee);

    Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - an article
  • Marta Michałowska, Linker Cloud's Head of Content, wrote a tutorial for a Social Media Manager Magazine, on "So much to win" on Quora: community building, personal branding, and content distribution subject (available in the Polish language). Staying with the Quora theme, you will find there our experts answering industry questions as well as our own Linker space. We invite you to visit the site - and to an engaging logistical discussion!

  • Katarzyna Wanat (Content Marketing Specialist) and Magdalena Grzegorzewska, in turn, literally broke the bank in the latest issue of "Nowa Sprzedaż" magazine - Katarzyna wrote a text on how to build positive customer experiences in the e-commerce channel, and Magdalena wrote an article with the title "Cross-border B2B sales in the new reality".

    Both texts in Polish can be found here.

Interviews & media presence

However, writing articles is not everything - we are also happy to speak to the media on topics close to our logistics business heart.

This time we had the pleasure to give two interviews to Authority Magazine - a Medium Portal-based magazine for which wrote among others C-Suite executives of companies like Google, American Express, Bank of America, and Oracle.

In April, Daniel Kierdal talked about The Supply Chain and The Future Of Retail - and said a few words about different ideas that large retail outlets are implementing to adapt to the new realities created by the Pandemic, and supply chain crisis (which fortunately for us as an industry is now behind us) and most important things one should know in order to create a fantastic retail experience that keeps bringing customers back for more.

Whereas a month later, in May, Patryk Szubiczuk, our Head of Fulfillment, talked about The Future Of Robotics Over the Next Few Years. Patryk talked about warehouse automation, the use of AI in the logistics sector, and drone deliveries. He also mentioned things that may be problematic in the robotics industry.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - guest posts

But this is not the end - our Head of Business Development, Magda Grzegorzewska, told what tools should be implemented on a sales page to increase conversion (the material is available in Polish). Magda talked about the usefulness of heat maps and other important business tools, just to mention Yandex Metrica or Leadfeeder.

Guest Posts

The last two months have been really busy - we've also managed to write two guest posts for our business partners.

The first one we created for Packhelp. Daniel Kierdal gave his opinion on Why It’s Worth Investing in Fulfilment: Sustainability, Scalability & Modernisation. If you want to learn how to go global successfully and ensure scalability of your business abroad - this text is a real must-have in your own library with industry articles!

In turn, Patryk Szubiczuk wrote for SellerSwitch about Fulfillment for eCommerce: pros and cons (text written in Polish). Dive into the article - and find out how services such as fulfillment can give you a competitive advantage and what expenses you need to be prepared for.


At Linker Cloud we focus on spotting the opportunities to grow and accelerate. This is exactly why Daniel Kierdal and our CTO, Wojciech Ciolko, attended the Alpha Wolves Summit (7-8 April, Warsaw) - an exclusive 2-day hybrid forum connecting Venture LPs with fund managers & high-growth scale-ups.

We also took part in the E-commerce Poland Trade Fair which took place 14th of April in Warsaw and was an event packed with inspiring speeches and a venue full of exhibitors. Our business development experts, Magda Grzegorzewska and Konstancja Wasilewska were happy to meet industry experts and talk about the best eCommerce solutions.

Last, but not least: the Linker team, represented by Patryk Szubiczuk, took part in XIV European Economic Congress handling themes and trends crucial to the future:

  • digitalization of the economy;
  • sustainability, green transition, environment, and climate;
  • current situation of the global economy: supply chains, trade relations, and investments.

Employer Branding

Besides active learning and the aforementioned sharing of knowledge, we do not forget about other business activities - and above all about the people who make up our company. We are extremely proud of them and want to be able to proudly present them to the world as true industry experts - but also to show the human side of the company and to emphasize that behind the state-of-the-art technology stand real people.

That is why we have started working on #LinkerTalent series published on LinkedIn. In social media posts, you will find short interviews with our employees, who will tell you not only about their daily work but also about their super talents standing beside their professional faces.

As Marta Rydzanicz, our Employer Branding & Communication Manager, says:

A series of posts on LinkedIn - Linker Talent is one of our latest employer branding initiatives that goes in line with current needs and objectives referring to our company development and our team in particular. We wanted to showcase to the world our greatest assets. So Linker Talent and the idea of successively presenting who is behind the scene of any action taken here was a pretty natural choice.

But we didn't want to limit these presentations just to sharing information about our people's expertise and professional skills. What is crucial in this project is to tell also a bit more about our personal talents, passions, and hobbies by using our voices, and our individual stories.

Although the Linker Talent edition is directed to our LinkedIn audience, we found it beneficial also in our internal communication. It is a chance for us to get to know each other better from a different angle. Since our team continues to grow, and part of us work remotely it's a challenge to build team connections. Linker Talent is one of our solutions to that.


Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - employer branding

We also had a great pleasure at the end of May going on an integration trip and spending some time together - for the day we work partially remotely from several cities in Poland.

It was a nice opportunity to get the whole team together. We had a really great time discussing the mission, vision, and plans for the future.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - team

If you would like to join us, it's easy - we are still looking for employees for the following positions:

Send us your CV - and maybe in a while we will be able to show off your achievements here too (we're keeping our fingers crossed!).

Head of Marketing at Linker Cloud who gained experience in the insurance and tech industry. She also has a marketing agency perspective.

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