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Growth calendar    Mar 02, 2023

Linker's diary #5: new logistical potential

The beginning of the year is always an intensive time. With us, no change, a lot has happened since the last edition of Linker's Diary. See what exactly.

The turn of the year 2022 and 2023 brought a lot of good news, which we will show off soon. The industry is experiencing new opportunities, both in terms of new technologies and new partnerships, and... new clients s well.

There was also a lot going on in the Linker Cloud Fulfillment Network, and the plans for the next few months are even more ambitious. Read the text to find out for yourself!

Expert articles on (not only) logistics topics

The first quarter of 2023 was right for all Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfillment experts. A new year means new beginnings and bright new business objective - and that may sound trite, but it is a period of new hands, challenges, and observations of emerging trends. To this should be added the crisis that has been present in the market for some time now due to pandemics, inflation, and the war in Ukraine.

This makes it all the more important to support each other and share logistical knowledge on warehousing, shipping, or business relationships topics. This is also the path followed by our ecommerce fulfillment professionals, who over the past three months have been writing articles about business management for polish press outlets such as:

  • Nowa Sprzedaż, E-commerce in a nutshell: trends for 2022/2023 - Marta Michalowska, our head of marketing, shared her thoughts on the trends that will emerge and strengthen in the e-commerce market in 2022/2023: she talked about the role of green logistics, social commerce, and deferred payments, among others;

  • Nowa Sprzedaż, Marketing and sales departments working together: the secret to successful corporate growth- Then, in collaboration with Marika Nowa, our sales representative, an article was written about the key role of cooperation between marketing and sales. The girls explained how to jointly develop a definition of a valuable lead and how to manage the CRM system wisely;

  • Logistics Manager, Cross-border logistics in times of crisis, Kamil Odolczyk, our Fulfillment Network Manager, shared his thoughts on ecommerce fulfillment in difficult times of war and inflation - and in spite of the fears associated with this topic, gave some tips on how to turn these situations to your logistical advantage;

    Cross border logistics in the time of crisis - article for Logistics Manager Magazine
  • Logistyka, How are modern IT solutions changing logistics? - Patryk Cichewicz, our product owner, in turn picked up on the topic that our Linker ecommerce fulfilment employees like best - i.e. technology coming to the rescue of logistics. In an extensive article, he talked about our Linker Cloud platform - and let us in on the proverbial secret, writing about both ecommerce fulfillment and our Order Management System;

  • Logistyka a jakość, To the rescue of the environment: educating the industry, green packaging, and green fulfillment - to round off this articles section, another text from the marketing department, this time on a socially relevant topic rather than just a sales issue: at Linker Cloud, we firmly believe that logistics can benefit the planet. That is why we are strongly committed to educating the industry about the role of the last mile and the wise choice of eco-packaging.

Guest Posts

Writing for the printed press is a real pleasure for every author - after all, there is nothing quite as satisfying as being able to touch your own text printed in paper version.

Some of the knowledge we share, however, is made more widely available thanks to the global village that is the Internet. Online publications and great understanding of logistics processes by consumers are of great importance to us as a service suppliers - and we are all the more pleased when someone invites us to write a few expert words about third party logistics:

  • 3 guest posts published for portal by our marketing department:

    • You sell, and they take care of the rest - why is external ecommerce fulfillment worth the price? - Have you ever wondered what you are really paying for by putting your ecommerce supply chain in the hands of logistics solution providers? Free delivery, free returns and easy international placement are just the tip of the iceberg of activities that ecommerce fulfillment can help you with;

    • Eco logistics: 5 ideas for greening the delivery issue in eCommerce - "the time is now" - let's not wait any longer, but assess the business contribution to the whole infamous process of environmental change generated by the industry: there are many options to choose from in terms of environmentally friendly packaging, the possibility of choosing a delivery that lasts longer than the standard one, carrying out transport with maximum loading, transport carried out at night or deliveries made to OOH (out of home delivery);

    • Returns in eCommerce: an eCommerce problem or an opportunity to loosen up shoppers? - When running an eCommerce companies, you can't avoid the subject of returns - even if you sell top-quality products and attention to customer service levels is what sets you apart from the competition. So how do you play it smartly from an ecommerce fulfilment and supply chain management point of view so that they work in your favour - and their level of service is satisfactory enough to actually loyalise consumers and encourage them to use your services again? You will find the answers in our text!

  • Satisfly, E-Commerce logistics and customer satisfaction: 5 useful tips - Let's stay on the subject of loyalty for a while longer and consider how else ecommerce fulfilment can impact the customer experience. Analysis shows that there are many aspects: from free delivery and free returns to taking green business actions.

  • Jolanta Piłatowska, guest post dla Satisfly: Jak logistyka e-Commerce wpływa na lojalność? | Satisfly

  • Droplo, CX in logistics: what consumers want- wise supply chains management is not only technical and operational issues, but also looking at consumers' demand. Those related to logistics are in fact particularly high in the case of the ecommerce industry: businesses all over the world face the need for day delivery, service improvement and increasing process automation or the need to deliver from the nearest warehouse to parcel lockers.

Events & Awards 🏆🎉

We couldn't have wished for a better business end to last year - in January we were officially awarded the title of International Business of the Year by UK Logistics!
This award gave us the wind from the devil's sails: we have great motivation to care even more about the continuous development of our technologies, warehouses network and other aspects related to supply chain management.

  • International Business of the Year by UK Logistics

    In addition, our supply chain management skills have been appreciated by consumers on one of the most popular review portals Clutch, and the platform itself awarded us the title of Top Fulfillment Company.

    In addition to these awards and the related networking and partnership pleasures, we also participated in several events:

  • we were invited to the podcast on recommerce and eco logistics as new sales trends,

  • our CTO, Wojciech Ciołko, was a guest of a webinar about ecommerce in crisis,

    Linker Cloud x Satisfly: podcast on ecommerce in crisis topic
  • and we answered on joint webinar together with our partner, Taxology, how to conquer the Spanish e-commerce market and make a successful and efficient country expansion.

Partnership Alert 🤝

And last, but not least: we have established a new successful business relation, thanks to which our customers will benefit in terms of easier pay ways: your growth will be even easier thanks to our cooperation with Blue Media company!

Head of Marketing at Linker Cloud who gained experience in the insurance and tech industry. She also has a marketing agency perspective.

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Linker's diary #5: new logistical potential

Linker's diary #5: new logistical potential

The beginning of the year is always an intensive time. With us, no change, a lot has happened since the last edition of Linker's Diary. See...

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