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Growth calendar    Dec 06, 2022

Linker's diary #4: ecommerce winter at the doorstep

From falling autumn leaves we moved seamlessly into snowy winter: and that means a new issue of our Linker's diary! See what we've been up to this time.

As the saying goes, which has already permanently entered the vernacular from pop culture: brace yourself, winter is coming.❄️

And in fact, it has already arrived. This does not mean, however, that looking forward to the coming holidays we forgot about logistical education - on the contrary, autumn and the beginning of winter was extremely pressing for us. Check out for yourself what articles and lectures came out of our Linker's hand! 🚚

Expert articles on (not only) logistics topics

Given that for the entire online sales industry, autumn and winter mean one thing - the high season - and we focused on this topic in our educational activities:

  • Our Head of Marketing, Marta Michałowska, advised on how to choose the right advertising channels when planning effective marketing campaigns for special occasions, such as the eagerly awaited Black Friday;
  • Patryk Szubiczuk, Chief Logistics Officer of Linker Cloud, specifically for the Polish Chamber of Digital Economy, dispelled the most popular logistics myths and answered the question "Can only the largest players in the market afford fulfillment?";
  • Patryk also shared his knowledge with the latest issue of Logistyka magazine, where he talked about the most common problems of the Polish cross-border and how external fulfillment works in an international online store (text available in Polish).Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - article
  • Kamil Odolczyk, our Fulfillment Network Manager, covered a similar topic for the German press - Kamil focused in his article on the benefits that the ecommerce industry derives from fulfillment.

In addition to strictly logistical knowledge, the marketing department has prepared suplementary advice on ecommerce sales growth - thanks to the opportunities for the industry to bet on the development and promotion of ebooks and other longer forms of content (an article written for Social Media Manager magazine), and on the importance of betting on green solutions, including balanced logistics, in the online retail industry (text for Online Marketing magazine).

Guest Posts

Articles in the press are one thing - while we also boldly operate in the virtual space and blogs of our partners and friendly experts from the world of eCommerce growth.

Patry Szubiczuk wrote a guest post for one of our partners: Taxology. In it, he presented a comprehensive guide on fulfillment services. You will learn from it why is well-organized cross-border logistics a necessity and what you can do to prepare for conquering different countries. Sound interesting? Be sure to take a peek at this text!

Patryk also wrote a text for Casbeg, in which he reveals what are the 5 most common logistical mistakes made by ecommerce companies aspiring to expand abroad. If you, too, are thinking of boldly conquering new markets - be sure to find out what problems to avoid!

In turn, Marta Michalowska, in a text for Harbingers, shared her thoughts on preparing online stores for the Christmas sales peak. If you are curious what marketing tricks to use in order to increase revenues during this time - make yourself a cup of hot coffee and sit down to read!

Events & Awards 🏆🎉

At the end of October we had the pleasure of giving a lecture at one of the largest industry events in Europe - the Polish eCommerce Fair! Our CTO, Wojciech Ciolko, told the gathered participants how to cleverly use fulfillment as a tool to reach the end customer faster. Among other things, Wojtek talked about why same-next day delivery is a necessity in today's times, why it's a good idea to take care of a local return address - and how to get access to local couriers (and their rates) within a few clicks of a mouse.

Marta Michałowska from the marketing department told a webinar for InQube about what trends will be squeaking in the sales grass in the coming year: smartly managed logistics based on balance, deferred payments, social commerce or subscription sales - there is a lot to choose from!

In addition to these events... we were honored at the gala of the 12th edition of the ranking of 50 Most Creative People in Business organized by!

We are extremely proud of the award, which was received by our CEO, Daniel Kierdal - as he summed up, ideas and creativity are just the beginning of the road to success!

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - award

Partnership Alert 🤝

We also continue to develop our partner network, which provides support in scaling business overseas for all our clients.

Our existing partners program enriched itself on Makes You Local - the company which helps develop e-commerce activities in new markets, making sales efficient, thus representing an extremely successful investment.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - partnership

From now on, not only logistics, but also setting up a location in a new country and translation issues are within the reach of Linkers' customers. There is nothing left to say but that starting a business overseas is open widely to the ecommerce industry!

Summing up...

Despite the upcoming Christmas holidays, we're not slowing down - and we'll see you in two months in another Linker's Diary post!

In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas break full of rest and time for your loved ones: may the coming year be full of success both in terms of personnel and logistics-sales! 🎄📦

Head of Marketing at Linker Cloud who gained experience in the insurance and tech industry. She also has a marketing agency perspective.

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