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Company calendar    Oct 25, 2022

Linker's Diary #3: autumn logistics know-how on the horizon

It's time to say goodbye to summer and, even though we will miss it, the autumn season is something we look forward to! And now, let's relive the hot days.

Summer is already behind us - so it's time to say hello to autumn and... prepare for the upcoming High Season! 🍁 🛒

On this occasion, we have prepared for you an ebook that will help you logistically master the sales peak standing just around the corner.🚚

But before that happens - check out what we've accomplished before we close the vacations!

Expert articles on (not only) logistics topics

We've been talking a lot lately about sustainability issues - not surprisingly, after all, the topic is extremely important, especially from the point of view of the eCommerce industry and related logistics.

We also bought into the future of the industry, and enriched this amazing mix of logistics knowledge with a pinch of marketing and HR advice:

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - cross border magazine foreword

In addition to strictly logistical topics, we also gave advice on content distribution (Jolanta Pilatowska for Social Media Manager - text entitled Unobvious forms of content distribution and promotion: is it worth using HARO and Medium?) and on employer branding (text by Marta Rydzanicz written for Think IT Magazine - How Agile supports employer branding).

In addition, as part of interviews and media presence, Marta Michałowska on provided expert commentary on why the entire eCommerce industry is betting on green solutions - and why so-called re-commerce is the future.

Guest Posts

Educating the industry is our specialty - last months special credit in this category goes to our Chief Logistics Officer, Patryk Szubiczuk. 📖 🎉

Patryk has shared his knowledge with Trusted Shops, among others, where he wrote a comprehensive article on how fulfillment can easily conquer new markets through foreign sales. A lot of useful tips can be found in his article - Top 5 Logistical Tips for Cross-border E-commerce.

This topic was also raised in the post prepared for Droplo company (post available in Polish - Fulfillment and foreign sales: how to simplify this process?).

In addition, our Chief Logistics Officer shared his thoughts on how the combination of fulfillment and dropshipping services can strengthen the businesses of online merchants. In an article created for the Syncee portal, he covered topics related to warehousing, Inventory management system & order handling in an eCommerce business. If this topic is of interest to you - be sure to take a look at the text Dropshipping, Fulfillment & Ecommerce: How Synergies Can Boost Your Business?


As always, we were also strongly involved in our presence at the most important events for the industry. A lot of our team members had the opportunity to talk about the possibilities offered by fulfillment in eCommerce and D2C sales:

  • we started September in cooperation with our partner - Droplo. During a joint webinar with Tomasz Cincio, CEO Droplo, Daniel Kierdal from our team talked about the fact that a wise choice of business partners, marketplaces, and logistics service providers is the key to winning new (and loyal!) customers.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - webinar

  • in the middle of a month, Marta Michałowska took part in the cult Internet Beta Conference - and gave a lecture on how to make your online business even greener
  • our CTO, Wojciech Ciołko, took an active part in the debate organized by the ICAN Institute on Digital Transformation and trends and challenges for e-business. Wojtek introduced the subject of logistics in the service of modern solutions ahead of current sales standards.
  • in turn, Patryk Szubiczuk talked about facilities during the optimal storage conference organized by Magazyn Obiekty. He introduced the participants to the topic of the golden age of Poland's warehouse era and told them a bit about:
    • global trends in ecology versus the challenges of a modern business situation;
    • warehouse business security in the face of change issues;
    • energy and utility challenges - how to manage this area from a tenant and landlord perspective.


We also do not forget to develop our partner network, which benefits our customers the most.

This time we focused on making life easier for our clients in the field of VAT issues - and established cooperation with Taxology, a company, which combines tax knowledge with in-depth e-commerce experience. Working with the company is the missing piece to a comprehensive service - they make it easy to settle VAT abroad and in the same way scale online business cross-border.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - Taxology partnership

Thanks to this, we are able to provide comprehensive service and help solve the tax challenges of doing business across borders. We hope that our cooperation will result in facilitating our clients in the process of scaling their business overseas in terms of taxation and that Taxology's clients will gain a unique opportunity to take logistical problems off their eCommerce shoulders.


We are more than proud to officially boast to you that we managed to be included in the shortlist of two companies in Logistics UK's Logistics Awards - in the International Logistics Business of the Year category!

This is the only such award, given by the industry - for industry. So keep your fingers crossed for us - as early as the beginning of December we will find out if we manage to win this trophy.📅

If you want to read more about this award - be sure to go to the link below:⬇️

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - UK logistics awards

Ready, steady… High Season! Get our Ebook and feel well-prepared for upcoming shopping peak!📖

As promised in the introduction to this post - at the end we have for you a good dose of logistical knowledge, necessary for a painless and successful passage through the upcoming high season!

In it you will find a lot of useful information that will allow you to rest easy in the upcoming shopping frenzy - without worrying about lost and delayed shipments, shipping problems and a whole lot of related challenges.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - high season ebook

Download our publication - and learn how to make wise use of advance planning during this hot period, how to properly take care of budgeting, learn proven and effective shipping tips and tricks, and see how to support your processes with advanced technology.

Head of Marketing at Linker Cloud who gained experience in the insurance and tech industry. She also has a marketing agency perspective.

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