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Growth calendar    Aug 16, 2022

Linker's Diary #2: a summer full of knowledge sharing

This summer aura feels motivating! A lot has happened since our last diary post, so we are hurrying with an update.

Summer vacation for most of us means moments of rest and time to enjoy the rays of the warm sun.

We, however, did not idle - and we hope that thanks to our work you had the opportunity to learn new interesting facts from the world of logistics (and not only).

Check out with us in today's post on what articles are worth reaching for during lazy mornings with coffee. Ahead of you is another Linker press and events review!🗞️

Expert articles on (not only) logistics topics

Fulfillment, scaling a cross-border business, or maybe content tips for growing your eCommerce? No matter which of these topics is closer to your heart - you will find each of them in the links below.

Everything related to logistics and online sales is extremely close to our hearts - what's more, we're really happy to pass this knowledge on. So feel free to use it - and learn the business secrets with us:

  • Our CEO, Daniel Kierdal, shared his experience with foreign sales in the pages of Logistics and Quality magazine in the article titled The lifeline of cross-border service - How does modern fulfillment make international sales much easier?. The text on why thinking about eCommerce development it is worth betting on fulfillment services is available in Polish - we guarantee you a really valuable read ;)

  • Patryk Szubiczuk, our Chief Logistics Officer, on the other hand, approached the topic from a slightly more economic perspective - and shared with Ecommerce Germany's portal his thoughts on eCommerce fulfillment: when does it start to pay off?. If you are considering investing in a fulfillment service, this text is a real must-read!

  • Daniel Kierdal also shared his thoughts and advice on the development of the eCommerce industry and correlated logistics in Transport Manager magazine - in the article, The innovator revolution is underway.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - article

Of course, we do not end knowledge sharing only on the topic of logistics - our colleagues from other departments are also happy to share their advice with others: ⬇️

  • Marta Michałowska, in turn, shared her explicit knowledge of content and communication in the eCommerce industry. If you want to learn a significant amount of tricks and tips to use when writing copy for the online sales industry - reach for the latest issue of Online Marketing Magazine and the article Content in e-commerce - from microUX to copywriting. Good and bad practices.

Guest Posts

Articles in the printed press are only part of our work on brand awareness. We also take care of the online community - our other members of the team are happy to share their deep relevant insight and know-how in collaboration with other companies. We believe in the power of relationships - so we are happy to explain industry topics in posts published on different types of guest posts.

  • Magda Grzegorzewska, Chief Sales Officer, shared her extensive expertise in gaining success when scaling business abroad in the text written for Trusted Shops blog titled Fulfillment and scaling the business into new markets.

  • Patryk Szubiczuk bet on cooperation with Droplo - and wrote about a concept regarding the fulfillment service in international commerce and reasons why to invest in it. Be sure to look at the link to the text (available in Polish).


We love to interact with our customers and partners - hence we actively try to participate in beneficial online and offline events. The summer months were especially rich in opportunities for meetups and webinars - check it out for yourself!

  • At the very beginning of June, Daniel Kierdal shared his knowledge about managing operations and processes in cross-border sales during the discussion organized by Lubelski Klub Biznesu as part of the workshop on the Export Academy series.

  • Sometime later he joined ffVC friends & founders event where he discussed his understanding of the Reimagining the Global Supply Chain topic.

  • Daniel also took part in a webinar organized by the UK embassy in Poland on How to sell online in Central Europe? Sustainable logistic solutions for e-commerce topic. He spoke not only about logistics but also about the influence that the whole industry has on the environment and how to make that impact managed wisely, in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - webinar

  • our CGO, Hubert Tworkowski, explained how to take a competitive advantage in a situation of expansion into European markets at a time of trade collapse with the East. Listen to his speech available in Polish delivered at the Business Forum: firstly, the economy organized by the Lublin Business Club;

  • At the end of June, Daniel Kierdal was also a guest at the Digital Economy Forum organized by the Chamber of Digital Economy held this year under the slogan "Brand without borders". Daniel talked about how to wisely conquer new markets with the proper use of the fulfillment network.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - webinar

Partnership Alert 🎉

We are bursting with pride - and remind you once again that we have officially partnered with Droplo, a B2B wholesale platform for Suppliers and Vendors, where you can find millions of finished goods from manufacturers and wholesalers across Europe.

In the partnership with Linker Cloud, users of the Droplo platform will gain shipping support in European countries and access to a network of warehouses in key locations, thus the ability to easily scale business abroad. The cooperation undertaken means facilitating the automation of sales and delivery of orders to the end customer within about 24 hours across Europe.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - partnership

In turn, Linker Cloud users will be able to take advantage of access to suppliers from the European Union and develop their businesses in a dropshipping model, in which the wholesaler is responsible for shipping.

What can more can we add: we keep our fingers crossed for further cooperation and wish ourselves only new (and above all satisfied) clients!🤞

Green, greener, Linker: ebook on sustainable supply chain management

While working on the current successes, we also do not forget about our future - and, in fact, the future of the entire logistics and related eCommerce industry.

We know how important it is to take care of the environment in every aspect: from the issue of eco packaging to green transportation, and sustainable last mile.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - green fulfillment

That's why, in cooperation with our partners, Direct Link, Packhelp, and Cushman & Wakefield, we have written a comprehensive publication that aims to highlight the steps needed to take on the road to a better and greener future for logistics.

Download our ebook - and check out today how you can take care of the planet together with us.

That's all for now - stay up to date and look out for our recap in just another two busy months!

Head of Marketing at Linker Cloud who gained experience in the insurance and tech industry. She also has a marketing agency perspective.

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