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Company calendar    Aug 09, 2022

Linker Cloud & partners: a comprehensive sustainable logistics eBook

A real must-have publication: new eBook on green logistics packed with the latest data and professional insights. Check it out!

Here we go again! This time we're back with a truly essential guide, backed up by extensive research on one of the most important issues in the field of both business and the environment - that is, taking the necessary steps to take care of the planet and the environment, while (wisely) developing one of the fastest growing businesses, eCommerce, and the logistics that are inseparable from it.

Learn with us the secrets of green supply chain management: check if transport really has such a big impact on the condition of our planet? And what role e-commerce and sustainable purchasing play in caring for the environment?

Sustainable supply chain management: how to do it even greener?

We decided to approach the topic really comprehensively - this was one of the main reasons why we not only dug through serious research of the most substantive stylistics available on the market but also invited partners from the sector with different perspectives to cooperate.

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - ebook partners

Let us introduce each of them individually:

Linker Cloud - provides fulfillment services for eCommerce and D2C companies - allowing them to focus on growing their business instead of dealing with logistics issues. Linker Cloud simplifies the process of international fulfillment by connecting brands to their nearest software-enabled warehouses and then managing all aspects of the process.

Packhelp - an international group of 250 professionals helping over 50,000 companies across Europe. A regular packaging producer by day and a fast-growing tech company by night, on a mission to empower brands to be better at the packaging. Over the past few years, Packhelp has raised more than €50 million with the ultimate goal of becoming a sustainable leader in the global packaging marketplace.

Direct Link - an international eCommerce logistics solutions provider owned by PostNord. They work globally and have operations and local personnel in Sweden, Germany, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, the US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

Cushman & Wakefield - a real estate service provider. The company’s services include real estate investment, development, management, property buying and selling, agency leasing and brokerage services, as well as real estate rental and leasing services.

Sustainable supply chains: a win-win solution

Thanks to such a comprehensive approach and the joining of common forces, we were able to cover the topic from all sides.

This way, five interesting chapters encapsulate several important issues and all the key areas that are extremely relevant to sustainable logistics operations and environmental impact: the current market situation description, the role of packaging in sustainable logistics, the contribution of freight transport to climate change, green warehouses, and green fulfillment. Each of them is full of accurate insights, the latest statistics, and suggestions for potential changes - the implementation of which would help reduce the negative impact that the industry has on the environment.

We also discussed the topics related to social responsibility and the way toward a bright sustainable future for logistics management.

If you want to learn about the whole scope of the operating sustainable supply chains topic, including an overview of the market current situation, sustainable warehousing, the matter of packaging recycling, and their green production - check out our white paper, which is a relevant and excellent insight into today's businesses logistics eco approach, backed by multiply case studies and latest industry data.

As Linker Cloud CEO Daniel Kierdal points out:

Linker Cloud Ecommerce Fulfilment platform - CEO quote

Download the eBook and achieve sustainability objectives

We know that when it comes to eco-logistics, it is essential to engage the entire supply chain in the path toward change. And the more of us are aware of this, the more likely we will succeed.

Hope that you will find this publication a vital teaching resource and one of the valuable supporting online materials on the subject of green logistics and environmental sustainability!

Sustainable Logistics: the Need for Green Growth ebook is ready for download! Grab your free copy

The following study is a reliable source of information and an excellent overview for all those who pay particular attention to sustainable development, want to better understand the challenges facing the logistics sector, or supply issues and wish to meet them.

The ebook has been prepared in English. You can find our highly accessible guide at the following link:

Pssst... if you are still hungry for knowledge in the field of sustainable logistics, we invite you to read to a dedicated sub-site published some time ago on our Linker's website.

Head of Marketing at Linker Cloud who gained experience in the insurance and tech industry. She also has a marketing agency perspective.

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