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Growth calendar    Feb 14, 2022

Linker Cloud obtained funding in the amount of EUR 3.5 million

Congrats for us: EUR 3.5 million funding obtained! Check what elements of the platform we will develop thanks to this amount.

I am pleased to inform you that Linker has successfully obtained funding in the amount of PLN 16 million (EUR 3.5 million) for the development of the fulfillment network in Europe. It’s another reason for us to celebrate and as well a confirmation that as a company we are going in the right direction. 

Recently, we have made a decision to focus on the development of fulfillment services, thus changing the current priorities. This decision was bold and is related to the new challenges that lie ahead of us. 

As we all know, Linker aims high – and we are all more than happy that our investors support us in this journey. 

The investments will continue to fuel Linker Cloud’s core business, allowing us to further develop the delivery of best-in-class logistics services for D2C brands and eCommerce companies, taking the burden of the fulfillment process off their shoulders and allowing for their constant business growth. 

A unique market moment  

The eCommerce market is developing at a rapid pace – not only due to the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the regulations introduced by some governments regarding restrictions on stationary trade. More and more people buy online due to the convenience of such a solution; however, it implies a continuous development of e-stores, deeper care for a better customer experience, and taking up decisions to extend the offer beyond the local market and focus on cross-border. 

Therefore, our solution fits perfectly into this peak visible in the industry – thanks to our intelligent, virtual logistics ecosystem based on proprietary technological solutions, we can guarantee customers to launch sales in new countries faster, without worrying about logistics and operational issues. 

Cooperation with Linker: promises fulfilled swiftly  

We promise a lot – but we also fulfill these promises on the spot. Shops that decide to cooperate with us can send the first shipments one week after signing the necessary documents (and as you probably know, we also take care of the minimum paperwork).  

The geographic area we serve covers the whole of Europe – which easily means that in most cases we deliver packages to the end customer within 24 hours (from the time the order is placed). 

Appreciation by investors 

Such a bold business vision convinced two new funds to invest in the development of Linker Cloud: ffVC Poland (Polish-American investment fund) and Street Smart Capital from Finland. 

As Maciej Skarul, Partner of ffVC in Poland pointed out: 

We are convinced of the strong foundations for further e-commerce market development. Cross-border and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales models are appropriate responses to changes appearing in consumer behavior, and the business model adopted by Linker Cloud fits perfectly into this transformation. Linker Cloud brings great value to the sector and supports Polish and international companies in their development based on a very modern tool.

Moreover, the funds we have worked with before, Market One Capital and Kogito Ventures, decided to increase the existing investments.

Jacek Łubiński from Market One Capital emphasizes:

We decided to increase our investment in Linker Cloud, seeing the dynamic development of both the team and the product. The market potential for cross-border e-commerce fulfillment services is huge, and the democratization of this type of product and making them available to a wider group of customers will be one of the trends supporting further growth. We have great trust in the management team and will be happy to support their further international expansion and ambitious product development.

At the same time, I would like to sincerely thank all Linker employees for their previous commitment to our product development and all our existing customers for their trust – without you, our further growth would not be so fast and we would not have the courage to measure as high as that. I keep my fingers crossed for your successes – I’m sure we can achieve much more together.  

Linker Cloud's CEO. E-commerce fulfillment enthusiast with market experience gained in international tech corporations.

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