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calendar    Dec 01, 2020

Black Friday 2020 - a win or lose game?

Is it worth investing time and resources on Black Friday from the ecommerce point of view? And how to take care of the customer experience ...?

As we all know, a successful hunt for the offer finished by a great purchase with a huge discount can bring as much happiness as winning the lottery. Probably, this is why such days as Singles Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday are so popular for online shopping. 

In 2020 those days brought additional thrill and emotions to all ecommerce entities. It was rather hard to predict if negative buyers’ mood and drop in sales will also reflect in online sales, which, on the other hand, should notice some growth. Based on the first insights and reports we have made a summary. What was typical consumer behavior this year? Rather focused on savings or a shopping spree, like in previous years? 

Globally, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 can be disappointing for many online stores – buying trends show that customers were rather careful with their expenses. However, if we look closer at online transactions on local markets, like Europe and Poland we can notice a slight increase. Consumers admit that the current situation, risk of being infected by COVID-19, obligation to wear a mask, as well as comfort and better offers, made them search for products in online stores. 

And what about results on the Linker platform? Even if the situation on the market was as mentioned above, we have registered almost 200% growth of transactions during Black Friday, weekend, and Cyber Monday, compared to 2019. We are happy that we can support our clients in developing their business, bringing the right comfort and lack of errors in processing transactions fast, especially during demanding sales periods.  

Quite an interesting day related to mass shopping online is also the so-called Singles Day, November 11. Especially in Asia, it is a bargain-hunting day, during which the volume of transactions is enormous. While our analysis shows that the number of operations is increasing year on year also in our region, the volume of daily transactions is incomparably lower, for example about the above-mentioned Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Another hot period is ahead of us, with the promise of sales growth – the time of buying Christmas presents. Certainly, we will also see more interest in online shopping here. We will be happy to share our observations and analysis at the beginning of next year. 

What were your experiences with Black Friday and Christmas sales in 2020? We are curious what are your observations, let’s discuss them!

Head of Business Development at Linker Cloud. B2B sales manager with over 8 years experience within specialized products sales across various markets.

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