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5 reasons why ecommerce will be good idea for a business in 2022

The dynamics of online sales are so high that you may wonder if starting an online business is still worthwhile. - let us prove it!

Searching for products on the Internet is today's standard, that we are used to. The analysis of the e-commerce market in Poland shows that nearly 80% of people do online shopping.

Most popular and well-developed companies are visible on the web because they are aware of the power of this source. The potential for gaining a customer is simply huge and eCommerce is one of the sure ways for a business. Check with us about what you need to do to set up your own eCommerce site!

eCommerce businesses: how to start your own one?

When you start eCommerce businesses you have to know what you want to sell before you really start. It's very important to know products and be interested in your trade because only this way you will be a trustworthy expert for your customers. Building your own online store is associated with properly planned activities, but the profit you can achieve is definitely worth your work. The eCommerce industry is quite crowded and competitive - this has been brought about both by the advancing digitalization and the restrictions on stationery trade enforced by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

However, we will come to your aid and will help you take care of your online business. In this article, we'll show 5 of the most important reasons why it is still worth the investment in your own online sales in 2022.

1) Big win for online businesses: more commercial transactions take place on the Internet

As the well-known proverb says - be always where your customers are. As we mentioned before practically, each group of age buys in online stores, both younger and older people.

Worth taking into account that this trend is especially noticeable during the 2020 Covid pandemic. After this time we still don't see the end of the online trading expansion. We can guess that soon eCommerce will fully replace stationary shopping for which we just don't want to waste our time.

If our opinion does not convince you - take a look at the data below, collected by eMarketer & WeGlotportal. Such significant increases illustrated in numbers speak for themselves:

Ecommerce fulfillment and ecommerce: global sales growth

Consequently, betting on eCommerce sales enriched with personalized experiences is a future-proof and safe business despite the situation around the world.

2) Low costs of business

Starting an eCommerce business doesn't require big investments from the very beginning. Compared to a physical store where you need to take care of premises, staff, assortment, and a lot of other costs, an eCommerce store seems to be more economical (especially at a smaller scale).

What's more, you don't have to do everything yourself - including the logistics challenges. In eCommerce sales, the drop-shipping model has become more popular. It's a logistic model in which a supplier packs and sends products that you sell in your own online store.

It would be enough to search for a supplier with whom you can cooperate and integrate XML or CSV files with your e-commerce. In this way, you have access to all photos, descriptions, and other product parameters from your supplier. 

Would you like to know what you can sell online? Take a look at Droplo (B2B platform where you can find ready products to sell from suppliers and producers from the whole UE) and find out how to smoothly deal with eCommerce platform issues.

3) Quick start even for beginners

Today you can create your own online store in just a few days without programmatic knowledge. Ready-made SaaS Platforms share help in basic settings like appearance and categories or integrations. Further, you can count on expert support against any problems you have with your store. Thanks to that, having your own eCommerce doesn't have to be related to the necessity of special skills. 

4) Possibility of doing business from anywhere in the world

In fact, to manage your e-commerce, all you need is a computer with Internet access (without the need to own any physical store).

It’s a definitely beneficial vision of doing a business at home or for example in Hawaii as you wish. Otherwise, eCommerce retailers earn money even when they sleep! At last, your online store will be open around the clock and your customers can do their shopping online at any time of day and night. So all you need is to do an eCommerce website and build your brand loyalty, all within the range around your computer. As you can see for yourself, online retail means infinite possibilities.

5) Running an online business give access to the large global market

In running an eCommerce business you have admission to every region of the world at your fingertips.

You have the possibility to sell on global online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon and you can reach millions of potential customers with your offer. There are also social media channels at your disposal, and thanks to conducting paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, you are able to reach a large group of recipients and effectively increase your sales - of course, this involves some advertising costs, but still, at the end of the day they are significantly lower than maintaining physical stores.

Remember to collect proper customer data, keep up to date with industry trends and take extra care of your customer experience. What online shoppers want is actually fast shipping, the ability to choose a payment method and delivery option - enriched by personalized shopping experiences. Many businesses, however, treat these needs lightly forgetting how huge benefit they can get from highlighting digital experience and the power of social media selling. Remind your eCommerce teams of this - invest in their regular training and emphasize the importance of taking care of the customer and the whole eCommerce website.

Ecommerce fulfillment and ecommerce

Global eCommerce business gives a huge possibility to development if you will take a good expansion and marketing strategy. You can't forget about important marketing channels if you want to sell on a large scale. It is worth getting acquainted with SEO topics as well as content marketing. Importantly, doing business online also allows you to get a lot of data about your existing customers - which allows you to ensure outstanding lead generation, the right level of customer retention, improve customer lifetime value, gain new success stories and continuously improve your business plan. What's more, it also means more customers - as well as more control over sales.

From a small online store, you can turn your business into a B2B warehouse. It's the next chance to obtain orders at any time of the day or night from contractors from various parts of Poland and even the world. For today it's bigger freedom of transactions so it's a new possibility to grow as well.

Online shopping & eCommerce store: ecommerce trends of the future

High amenities and fast shipping, favorable return policy, using multiple channels, and cashless payment methods - are the huge benefits of online shopping today, being not only a great convenience but also a significant time saving, which affects consumer behavior.

Let's also not forget about mCommerce and social commerce, which are the branches of e-commerce that are a strong industry trend. We can call m-commerce transactions those that we carry out using mobile devices, e.g. phones, tablets, or pocket computers. Take care of Responsive Web Design (RWD) of your online store, because today most of the online shopping is done on mobile apps. It also has a positive impact on the customer experience and leads to more sales and gaining new customers.

Is it worth building online stores?

Consumers want and will buy online, which is why many people decide to set up their store businesses or transfer brick-and-mortar sales to the web. Anyone can achieve eCommerce success today so if you are still wondering whether it is worth using this potential, do it before your competition does. To prepare for this, you can take a look at Redcart's post on how to create a business plan for an online shop.

As long as online retailers gather data, take care of personalized experiences, improve product pages, monitor purchase intent, and bet on mobile device use, they will achieve success and will watch as more and more customers enjoy buying online from their eCommerce stores.

Author of many articles related to e-commerce. Specializes in internet marketing with an emphasis on content. On a daily basis, she deals with marketing communication with clients. Privately, she is interested in cosmetology and traveling.

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