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Learn about our integrations, testing, inbound, launch, and much more. Find out how to conquer new markets with Linker in a few minutes thanks to 24/7 system, extensive experience, and full transparency.

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With Linker Cloud, you gain access to multiple warehouses - each of which offers a transparent overview of your processes and access to up-to-date information whenever you need it.

Delight in the full visibility: from tracking to advising and stock checking to reporting thanks to the platform operating 24/7.

Acquire new warehouses - and go cross border into new markets even in a week.

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24/48h delivery

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The fastest possible delivery? No problem!​

24/48h delivery available in Poland, France, Spain, UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

100% of orders dispatched from each warehouse on time within SLA. Below you will find examples of warehouse cut-off times:

tick-1 (1)BE: 11:00
tick-1 (1)GB 1: 12:00
tick-1 (1)DE: 12:00
tick-1 (1)GB 2: 15:00
tick-1 (1)ES: 17:00
tick-1 (1)PL: 12:00
tick-1 (1)FR: 12:00


Free and easy integration

To integrate with our system, all you have to do is to link your shop to our software.

We'll support you through this simple process and walk you through it together.

tick-1 (1)~ 90 of ready-to-use integrations
tick-1 (1)we're here for you: the helping hand of Linker's customer support
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Professionals in your service

You don't have to worry about the logistics - just put it in our hands.

We'll quickly streamline your fulfilment, take care of your parcels, negotiate warehouse prices and let you focus on growing your business instead of worrying about transport challenges, stocking or last mile delivery.

We are experts in our field. Just like that.

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Seamless benefits list

fulfillment centers europe
Effortless Expansion


No geographic boundaries​ and the whole of Europe at your fingertips in just few clicks

fulfillment services pricing
Transparent Pricing


Clear and understandable price list​, no hidden loopholes or payments

Global Reach


The same process in every country,​ boosted by access to advanced services and expedited scalability

logistics solutions
Simplified Operations


One contract for all services and the minimum necessary paperwork in literally the entire logistics process​

logistics service
Easy Communication


Single contact person​ who will be happy to help you with your all logistics challenges

retail supply chain software
Designated Software


One multitasking platform​ with multiple features and tons of ready-to-use integrations


By helping the environment, we help meet customer needs

We believe that logistics can be green: through the wise choice of strategically located warehouses, sustainable packaging or well-managed last mile delivery.

Research shows that this is exactly what consumers also want. So join us in our eco journey - and let's meet these demands together.

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Ready to start shipping


The best things happen right away, so don't hesitate to contact us for a free demo. An individual quote, tailored to your needs, is just a click away.


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